Referendum Poll: Greeks Equally Divided Between ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ Vote

Two days before Sunday’s crucial referendum in Greece, and the “Yes” and “No” camps are divided right in the middle, as latest opinion polls show.

So far, “Yes” supporters have a slight edge over those who say “No” in the critical vote that will determine Greece’s future in the Eurozone. According to the latest poll, 44.8% of Greeks are for Europe while 43.4% show their disagreement with European policies. The undecided represent 11.8% of participants, while the error margin is 3.1%.

The “No” vote is backed by the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government and Golden Dawn, while opposition parties New Democracy, PASOK and “To Potami” support the “Yes” vote.

The survey found that approximately 74% of Greeks want to stay in the euro currency, while only 15% want to return to a national currency and 11% are undecided. Also, 61% believe that a “No” vote could put Greece’s place in the Eurozone in danger.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has urged Greeks to vote “No” and reject the “humiliating” terms offered last week by international creditors in a deal that is no longer on the table, and accused them of “blackmail” by withholding liquidity to Greek banks.

The government is promising Greek people that if they vote “No” in the referendum, Athens can reach an agreement with creditors within 48 hours.

The “Yes” camp, on the other hand, is warning Greek citizens that a “No” vote means Greece does not want to be part of the Eurozone family and would give the leftist government the opportunity to push the country to the drachma and out of the European Union.

The Council of State, Greece’s highest administrative court, is to decide if the referendum is constitutional at a Friday hearing. The Council of Europe, a pan-European democracy and human rights watchdog, has said the vote does not meet its minimum standards.


  1. Around half our populist are left wing extremists who support Marxist oriented parties so this sounds about right. Three guess who represents the 50 percent that votes no.

  2. ‘The “Yes” camp, on the other hand, is warning Greek citizens that a “No” vote means Greece does not want to be part of the Eurozone family and would give the leftist government the opportunity to push the country to the drachma and out of the European Union.’
    The above statement is the typical propaganda filling global media circles and fuelled by the economic technocrats of Brussels and the power hungry opposition parties of Greece. The EU doesn’t have the constitutional mandate to push Greece out of the EU and a No vote would only strengthen Greek resolve against austerity measures that were deemed by the same financial institutions that imposed them as failures. Just goes to show that these six figure salaried economists in Brussels, etc. that drafted the reform packages back in 2010 under the gullible Samaras tenure were just as incompetent as all the past Greek governments combined.

  3. I think the KKE are against the referendum because both the yes and no side are in effect, supporting the EU, which probably means they’ll be abstaining.

  4. The 6 figures they pay economists is not about their capacity to think through macro economic issues its about their capacity to skew their findings to conform to the party line.

  5. Probably vote no because, like Syriza, they are ultimately Marxists opposed to free enterprise. The difference is in the form of Marxism they believe. Syriza tries to appeal to wide range of leftists by being a party of parties (downplaying the core communist beliefs of their leaders — including Tsipiras who used to be part of KKE youth wing) whereas KKE limits itself to only communists.

  6. Millions of Greeks don’t count as part of the Greek people? Apparently any Greek that doesn’t support our communist regime doesn’t count towards democracy for you. When only the extreme left counts as “democracy”.. .it as sure sign of an extreme left tyrant. (see Marxist North Korean “democracy”)

  7. Whoops. After triple checking I stand corrected. You are right. KKE doesn’t officially support either position on the basis they are anti-EU (exactly as you suggested)

    Communist gobblegook tends to be contradictory but its my fault for not continuing to read in this instance. I confusing their support for debt erasure and increase socialist spending as rationally meaning the same thing as a no vote. However the KKE does specifically state on one of their pages.

    “The KKE stresses that the people must not choose between Scylla and
    Charybdis, but must express, with all means available and in every way,
    their opposition to the EU and its permanent memoranda in the
    referendum. They must “cancel out” this dilemma by casting the proposal
    of the KKE as their vote into the ballot box.”


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