Cypriots Demonstrate in Favor of Greek ‘No’

Cypriots demonstrate for GreekProtesters outside the European Union House in Nicosia, Cyprus, on Saturday expressed their solidarity and support to the Greek people, as well as their disapproval of the European Union and the International Monetary Fund’s austerity policies.

The crowd waved Cypriot and Greek flags, as well as banners that read “Resistance to the EU and the IMF’s austerity policies,” “Respect popular sovereignty,” and “Solidarity to the Greek people.”

Organized by communist party AKEL and the Movement Against Foreclosures, the protest featured a concert with Koullis Theodorou, as well as the reciting of poems by Bertolt Brecht and others, and was attended by the party’s leader Andros Kyprianou, deputies, MEPs, party and union officials.

Addressing the protest, Kyprianou condemned the “provocative, unacceptable and undemocratic” stance of European Union leaders toward Greece and the Greek people.

(source: cyprus-mail)


  1. I love when Greek Reporter, who claim to stand for democracy and objective reporting, frame an entire nation as supporting their leftist political positions.

    Thus if there is an anti-austarty rally in UK.. .they have titles like “British supports no vote”. Likewise in this article, It’s not Cypriots that say no…. it is chiefly leftist Cypriots that say no. Cypriots that say yes are typically on the right.

    Our leftists act like they are the one’s supporting change but the reality is it was Samaras that was the change (including a break from the behavior of past ND administrations) For the first time in Greek history a Greek PM rather than cater to perpetual populist demands for increased government spending, did the exact opposite. He made massive unpopular cuts even though it hurt him politically. He did this because this is what was necessary to reign in out of control government spending.

    Former ND and Pasok supporters that opposed cuts… left the parties when both ND and Pasok agreed to support cuts.. and now vote for communist and fascist parties. It it these MILLIONS of vultures that are at the heart our massive debt. For 40 years…and counting… these shameless vultures have been perpetually demanding more and more government spending.

    The truth is most Greeks are left wing extremists (including most of the ones that pretend they are moderate liberals) Even Nationalist SOCIALIST Golden Dawn’s policies are about bigger government spending. To listen to these fanatics Greece ended up with a gigantic government bureaucracy and massive debt because we were too free enterprise oriented… an inversion of reality. To show just how extreme left our leftists really are… they’ve now put a Marxist into power.

  2. Even Nationalist SOCIALIST Golden Dawn’s policies are about bigger government spending

    But thats a bit simplistic. What also matters is who makes the spending decisions – on what and who is it spent on? Greece could have received the same money over the last few years and used it far more productively. Not supporting a vast immigrant army for starters.

  3. The laws of mathematics cannot be defeated by moral narratives. In the end budgets need to balanced. Parties like ANEL, Syriza and GD arguing they will spend money we don’t have is irresponsible. Their supporters are behaving exactly like they did when they used to support Pasok and ND

    Papadreou and Tsipiras are catering to incompetent populists not functioning in numerical realities. Whether YES or NO vote wins there will still be cuts… except with NO vote they were be far far more economic misery. (as leftists Greeks that are trying to take out money from banks today are starting to see). Not only “No” hurt us economically in the short term, it hurts Greece both policaly and economically in the long term because it gives politcal capital to the Marxists currently running our country. Extreme leftists are leading Greece to failed state — including through the mass illegal immigration they support.

  4. The trouble is the essential corruption of the EU leads to this kind of moral hazard. A more disciplined state might (in theory) be able to resist the temptation to keep bribing the electorate and stick to infrastructure investment and suchlike.

  5. The EU, Germans, Banksters, and space aliens are not to blame for our economic problems For as long as so many Greeks believe this we can’t address the root problems within our own country. Without a focus on the private sector we won’t have the ability to fund a public one.

  6. It could be a shape shifting reptilian alien race to blame for Greece woes. All kidding aside I am Greek American so I don’t know nothing about Greece. I do believe there is tax evasion ,corruption, and over spending in government by having a huge public sector and all these issues need to be addressed . On the other hand I believe that Germany is kicking his neighbor while he is down .If you are forced to sell off all the National income producing assets (family Jewels of country) then how can you expect to pay the debt. Its like selling the goose that lays the golden egg (for a fire sale price)to pay off a huge loan . Wouldn’t it be better off if u keep the goose that lays the golden egg and pay off the loan slowly . Its like Greece has to sell everything of value dirt cheap. Come on don’t you think Germany is taking advantage(being opportunistic ) of Greece’s weakest moment in history(for whatever Germany wants of value from Greece ). Is that what good neighbors do ? Again , I agree Greece needs to stop tax evasion ,corruption, and over spending in government ,but I don’t believe Greece should sell off any Income producing National assets .