Greece’s Possible Outcomes after Referendum Results: Infographic

The people of crisis-hit Greece will vote today YES or NO to the latest deal from the country’s creditors in a referendum that caused the Greek banks to close worsening the country’s condition. No matter what the outcome of the referendum will be, Greeks wills still find themselves tomorrow facing Grexit, austerity, unsustainable debt, and a total economic default.

Here are some possible future scenarios of how the Greek referendum ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ results could play out for Greece:


(Source: Twitter)


  1. Eiher way Greece has 2 options on the table..You either start to work 7 days a week 12hours a day for $5 euros…or you work for $6 euros a day…Take it leave it..
    Unfortunately that is the reality…Forget summer holidays forget weekends..
    Permanent employment is going…and look around only 1 in 4 will be employeed if you are still working..Striking and blocking roads will be a thing of the past…Unions will loose all their power..
    If you strike do not come back on Monday..That is the reality of Greece will be..

  2. Punitive labor regulations including HUGE severance payments has caused most employers to scale back on permanent employment. This subject seems to have been overlooked by the former-failed PM Samaras. I doubt Tsipras will address the issue as it is well down his list of wants & needs.

  3. The chart suggests a lot of wishful thinking and presumption that events will follow a desired pattern. But as we know well from history these matters take on a life of their own following a sequence all participants Lenders included, did not anticipate nor prepare for.

  4. The author’s purported outcomes are the obvious scenarios fuelled by political media hype. There is for some an economic propaganda emanating from the domestic and international conservatives peddling their pro-bank, profit-at-all-cost views onto the rest of society. Greek people we stand with you!

  5. Quoting a leading US Economist yesterday:
    “Let’s get real. The Greeks will never pay their illegitimate debt. They have
    no reason to pay, and they can’t afford to pay. And, it is the entire
    trans-Atlantic financial system which is bankrupt, not Greece.”

    You would really help out everyone if you voted NO and brought about the beginning of the financial system changes needed. Don’t give them anymore-it won’t save US/UK/EU or a certain German bank. They will just come back for more.

    It is your Prime Minister’s obligation not to accept a YES vote. He should have explained it better, I guess he assumed that after you fed your children to Europe, you would support him, not past dingbats who betrayed you.

  6. Who is “we”? Where are you from?

    You certainly don’t speak for most of Europe that see’s our communists as incompetent fanatics. Nor do you support the many Greeks that are on YES vot. (especially now that they see the real world results of an incompetent Marxist regime).