Greek FinMin Varoufakis and Hellenic Bank Association: Haircut Reports ‘Baseless’

louka-katseliGreek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and Hellenic Bank Association President Louka Katseli have refuted a Financial Times report regarding a 30% haircut on Greek deposits.

The report is “baseless” said the Hellenic Bank Association President, stating that she had also contacted the Financial Times journalists about the matter. Katseli added that the article, which spoke about a 30% haircut to deposits exceeding 8,000 euros in at least one Greek bank, only aims to worsen the situation in Greece through malicious rumors.

Deposits in Greek banks are guaranteed up to the amount of 100,000 euros, as required by community regulations, said Katseli, while she also clarified that a haircut scenario is not even on the table at the moment. “There is no such scenario. These scripts are fiction,” she said.

Varoufakis made the comment on his Twitter account. “FT report of a Gk Bank Bail In is a malicious rumour that the Head of the Greek Banks Association denied this morning,” he wrote.


  1. Varoufakis, is a pathological liar. He lied about being a professor at the University of Texas. He was the editor of a campus newspaper at a BRANCH of the U. of Texas.

    This guy has lied about everything. It is being reported that Greek banks ARE preparing to seize deposits of Greek citizens to delay a collapse of the Greek banking system. This was to be expected.


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