Antonis Samaras Resigns from ‘ND’ Party Leadership after NO Win in Greek referendum

    Antonis Samaras

    Former Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras resigned from the leadership of his party after a landslide win of the NO vote his party strongly opposed in the Greek referendum.

    The centre-right wing New Democracy party faced a leadership crisis after an overwhelming NO result in Sunday’s referendum.

    New Democracy and its former leader Antonis Samaras campaigned strongly in favor of a YES vote to a take-it-or-leave-it bailout proposal offered to Greece by its creditors, losing by a landslide on Sunday’s Greek referendum.

    Antonis Samaras was Greece’s prime minister from June 2012 to January 2012, and will be known as the leader who under pressure from Greece’s creditors allowed austerity measures that crippled the average Greek citizen.

    According to New Democracy sources, longtime New Democracy party member Dora Mpakogianni, who also served as Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2006 to 2009, contacted Samaras on Saturday urging him to step down from the position to help prevent a NO victory.

    Nikos Dendias, a New Democracy party member and former Minister of Public Order and Citizen Protection, made a series of tweets after Sunday’s first estimations slamming Samaras’ choices.

    “The responsibility for the results is not the same for all of us” one tweet read while Dendias later tweeted “Let us protect the political heritage of Konstantinos Karamanlis in the morning” and “Today is not the right moment to discuss what we will do at New Democracy. We will look at that tomorrow.”

    Furthermore, Sakis Ioannidis, the President of the Organization of the New Democracy Youth, posted a message on his Facebook wall in which he notes that Greece will go through tough times and calls for unity among Greeks.

    “Only one thing is certain, that the old political regime, as it had been structured, is being erased” the post read.

    Evangelos Meimarakis, has been appointed interim leader of ‘New Democracy,’ until the party convened to elect its new leader.


    1. A mistake. He lost the yes vote but despite the yes win the number that voted yes shows Tsipiras policies are slowly losing support. Compared to the current selection of communist and fascist lunatics Samaras was and is our best leader by far. He was Greece’s last hope with no currently competent leader to replace him. One can only hope when all economic hell breaks loose (which it is already starting to do) that Samaras is willing to come back from political purgatory like he did the last time he left ND.

    2. Your hero ANTONIS SAMARAS IS FINISHED, he is a political corpse as is his fast fading party that treasonously backed the “Yes” campaign siding with the Troika loansharks against the Greek people, the Troika’s “Yes man” to the end.

      The Greek people have consigned the miserable worm Samaras to the dustbin of history! Golden Dawn is proud to have supported, and promoted the “No” vote which sent a message to the Troika and their servants like Samaras, that the Greek people are not afraid, the Greek people refuse to bow to the threats and blackmail of the Troika loansharks!

      The ‘No’ vote is a vote of freedom, of rebellion against EU diktats. Democracy was born in Greece and today the Greek people reminded the little worms in Brussels, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Washington DC that the Greek nation is not easily intimidated.

      So Antonis Samaras who tried so hard to destroy Golden Dawn by instructing corrupt judicial officials to order the wholesale arrests of GD MPs in 2013, as confessed by his own Chief of Staff Takis Baltakos, has been despatched to the dustbin of history, and his party ND will share his fate. Meanwhile Golden Dawn true to its word, stood together with the Greek people and voted NO, as did SYRIZA, and ANEL. GD has warned the Hellenic people that the fight is not over, this NO has rejected the Troika’s proposals, but SYRIZA is still intent on signing up to a new memorandum with only minor changes to the Troika’s terms. ONLY Golden Dawn demands an end to ALL memorandums, and today’s NO vote was a good step in that direction! Forward Always Forward, guided by the light of Hellenism! A Golden Dawn of Hellenism is rising!

    3. He personally is finished independent of what happens to Tsipras. Because he never once got up off his knees to fight for Greece.

    4. Phil, not sure where you are getting your information from but Greece’s economic hell began when Samaras placed Greece under the ridiculous austerity measures from another country that has created the current financial and economical climate we find ourselves in. Samaras and all the those politicians that continued to take money from the IMF and ECB are the ones to blame for placing Greece into depression for the last five years.

      I do not support the Syriza Party but the facts are the financial woes did not start with Tsipras or even the Syriza; They started with Samaras and his goons.

      Greeks are simply sick and tired of the austerity measures that have been forced onto the people for the last five years or more. These austerity measures have NOT produced the recovery that they thought it would, but they continually bring them to the table.

      I say, its about time someone stood up to the Euro THUGS, France and Germany, and told them NO MORE.

    5. Only you can make 60 – 40 win a negative
      Samaras is gone
      ND will follow
      They have been weighed,measured and found useless and corrupt
      Call me Nostradamus Phil!!!!!

    6. He VOLUNTARILY left still in charge of Greece’ second largest political party. This is quite unlike your fascist hero who is facing jail time with the faction of the supporters of Samaras.

    7. Samaras coveted being PM but once he attained the nation’s highest office he was unprepared to make the necessary substantive changes towards our recovery. ERT was a mere publicity stunt for media consumption but the important vital hard negotiations were tabled for another place and time. So the fruit of ND withered away on the vine. In it’s place another charismatic and still unproven leader was given responsibility to sort out Greece’s affairs. He has precious little time to do so and the eyes of the world will be watching the mettle of the man and the resourcefulness of the People of Greece.

    8. I’m not saying that Syriza’s done everything right – they have made many mistakes – but to attribute anything like integrity to that worm and the jackass he rode in on (Venizelos) is ridiculous. You are talking about a man who campaigned on lowering taxes and cancelling the MoU, and TOTALLY reversed himself, a complete 180, within hours of taking office. He would spend the next 5 years acting as Merkel’s envoy in Athens, so I don’t know what integrity you imagine he has.

    9. Greece was on a trajectory of 200% debt/GDP on the Samara plan, Phil. Smoke and mirrors, collapsing the Land Registry and taking the fees, etc, to achieve his fiction of primary surplus. All with the blessing of Eurostat, of course. And his failure to enact any reform that might affect a change in the status quo says it all. Tsipra’s no saviour – he’s a less odious alternative and a consequence of Samara’s failure.

    10. Nonsense. No one forced him out. If that were the case why is your great fascist leader with only 5 percent of the vote still leader of your party? By the standard of Golden Dawn’s “victories”… Samaras has had nothing but victories. Weren’t you supposed to have taken Greece over by
      now? Do you fascists have a date for that? Or is the plan to perpetually claim you are just about to take over Greece?

      Samaras voluntarily left as the leader of the second largest party of Greece and nearly 40 percent of the population voting YES. (three months ago Syrizas support was at 72%). I don’t agree with Samaras quitting but I somewhat understand his position. At 64 he got tired of fighting with 60 percent of our population that unfairly demonize him and align themselves with economic views of marxists and communists. The only reason I fight for Greece certainly isn’t communist and fascist fanatics. Its only for the Greeks that prioritize Hellenic culture. (which you don’t, preferring Nazism to Hellenism… nor do Greece’s leftists who prioritize antihellenic Marxists over Hellenism)

    11. If you don’t want pensioners to starve… stop supporting a Marxist regime.Europe is not to blame for our economy.

    12. Samaras wasn’t PM when our debt was created champ. Blowback from getting our spending down to levels that represented our production was envitable whether Pasok, ND, Communist, Fascists, or anyone else was in power. Samaras did what need to be done.

      In case you didn’t notice your great communist leader hasn’t rolled back cuts, Grecece’s bansk are closed, and the ENTIRE EU stands against you.

      Our leftists so out of touch with reality most of them are oblivious to the fact their great communist leader backed out of all his demands to roll back cuts and is now negotiating another bail out for cuts deal

      Tspiras claimed a deal is forthcoming, The only way that is possible is if he caved in to EU demands for more cuts in exchange for money. It will be funny watching you switch tunes and support a Tspiras bailout.

    13. You keep going on and on about antihellenic leftists, but is there any difference between leftist SYRIZA and the unprincipled antihellenic traitor Antonis Samaras? No, there isn’t! Antonis Samaras recently proposed the formation of a New Democracy-SYRIZA coalition government.

      In a 2013 speech Antonis Samaras announced his plans to grant illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections!!! To WATCH Samaras making this announcement search You Tube for: “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”

      Antonis Samaras is an antihellenic traitor and you support him.

    14. Sorry I didn’t your answer. When is the date GD is going to take over the Greek government? Can you narrow it down to the nearest decade?

    15. Samara was the most competent politician in Greece in a long long time. However, he is only one man. When he is surrounded by irrational fanatics that support communists and fascists that demonize him for making rational decisions there is only so much he can do.

    16. Elections for communists that have referendums on existing austerity will not end austerity. It is not a choice of ours to make. It is a choice of EU taxpayers. About half of our population are deluded morons.

    17. “Speaking of populist?”

      Samaras was a populist? LMAO. Do you even know what the word means? Tsipiras and his Marxist cronies are practically textbook example of populism. All they do is argue how popular they are in Greece to gain votes rather than address fiscal realities. No amount of communist rhetoric will end austerity. Whining about it is only polically destabilizing Greece and creating enemies for us throughout Europe.

      “support their strong recommendation for debt relief.”

      Nice try. That was Samaras position. Have you forgotten already your great communist leader was elected on platform to exit bailout and roll back cuts? What the delay comrades? Why haven’t our Marxists rolled back cuts as they promised they would? Why haven’t they ended austerity as they LIED to the Greek population that they would?

    18. Blowback was envitable from absolutely necessary cuts. Again, doesn’t matter who was in charge. It would have happened. The difference is Samaras didn’t ham it up for incompetent populists like your glorious incompetent lying Marxist is doing. Austarity will get worse under Tsipiras. With banks closed, that will be cause a major hit to our businesses, which in turn further hurts tax revenue. Those that support Marxists continue the irrational economic policies and attitudes that got us into this mess.

    19. Samaras isn’t responsible for closing banks comrade. It is your great Marxist leader that is responsible for that.

    20. Our leftists are so deluded they don’t even notice that Tsipiras is no longer negotiating to end austerity. He’s been negotiating a new bailout for cuts… just like Samaras.

    21. The weak leader is Tsipiras. Tspiras is a populist that just tells the leftist mob what they want to hear… rather than be a competent leader and tell them the truth. Then exparxoun lefta.

      Our crazed Marxists might be popular in Greece but no government in Europe takes our current regime seriously because they behave like lunatics.

    22. “People in Greece are conducting themselves in a stoic and orderly manner”

      Who are you kidding? For years leftist and anarchist thugs terrorized our streets in violent riot after riot in protest against cuts. Now that they have their great Marxist leader.. where is the end of austarity he promised? Cuba and North Korea has been waiting for an end to austerity for 50 years under communists. Shall we mimic them for the sake of the egos of those that support marxists? People that fail to understand whining for foreign handouts will not end our situation. Only a focus on the private sector can do that.

    23. Our leftists only further demonstrate their own irrationally and fanaticism by attributing everything wrong in Greece to one man.

    24. You are talking in circles so I will reply in circles. It didn’t matter who was in control of Greece back then. Cuts and blowback from them were going to happen (why Pasok and ND had the common sense to come together)

      Unfortunate extremist elements within ND and Pasok didn’t want to change so they jumped ship from a national unity government and start behaving like lunatics in our streets and voting for communists and fascists. 40 years …and counting… of shamelessly demanding for handouts. They have sunk to an all new low now. They are demanding foreign taxpayer fund their roll backs in cuts.

    25. Nope. The ENTIRE EU is against Tsipiras’s demands to roll back cuts. Even your beloved communist leader has given up under your very nose. He get up negotiating against existing austerity months ago. Tsipiras has confused his cold war speechs meant for populist consumption at home with his positions in negotiations with Europe.

      In practice he flip plopped and is now negotiating another bailout out that exchanges bank liquidity, debt relief for additional cuts… like Samaras did. Our leftist fanatics are so blinded by their rage and self-righteousness they can;t even be bothered to notice

      It will be interesting to see if another an agreement for a new bailout is reached… that includes more cuts and money going to our banks (things you claimed to be against) how his supporters will pretend he did something dramatically different.

      There is no way out of cuts save one. Production in the private sector. Without this, and with Marxists running Greece, Greece continues its journey towards failed state.

    26. Leftists are shameless traitors. They proved that once again the second they voted Marxists into power.

      Your Marxist leader and his MPs see the Greeks that communists massacred for IMRO during the civil war as “heroes”. Even today, many of the geniuses in Syriza support fascist irredentist VMRO regime. This is because they don’t care about Hellenism. All the care about is their Marxist ideology. Greeks in name alone.

    27. Phil, there’s no way to focus on the private sector under the conditions dictated by our creditors. FT did the math.

      Did you really feel terrorized on our streets? I tended to just walk the two blocks around the protests, or not go downtown that day. You must be paralyzed by the race riots in the US. Never go to Paris either, as they are rather fond of their demos. The world’s a scary place.

    28. If Greece had been in control of its own currency… what would have been the right thing to do is what they US and Japan are currently doing to fudge paying off debt… quantitative easing (aka print money!). This would have caused inflation and probably an accompany recession but it would a cheaper drahma would also boast export and it would have lowered our debt load. Things would have gotten back to normal relatively quickly without too much drama.

      We messed up by joining the Euro. The moment that happened we lost control of much of our sovereignty. Everyone rushed head first into the Euro project with asking Europeans the fundimental questions. Do we want a United States of Europe? (I think for most Europeans that answer is no. Too much history and culture to let go)

      The problem at the moment is that moving back to the drachma will be messy and far more painful than if we had stayed with it all along. It might be the only way though. There is no way Greece, pop 11, with the current state of our economy, will ever pay back 360 Billion Euros but it can pay back 360 billion drachamas! (but will be worth price of toilet paper)

      Our leftists are dummies for ridiculously demanding end to cuts funded on backs of foreign taxpayer but some in EU are also behaving retarded by refusing further debt relief. Its going to happen whether they agree or not.

      .The *only* way to really fix our economy though, its through printing money, or demanding foreign handouts, its by focusing on creating a private sector but it will never happen for as long as Greeks are supporting Marxist clowns. Greece is currently headed for failed state.

    29. The riots are not as extreme now that communists are in power precisely because when Samaras was in power the massive riots Greece experienced were caused by leftist (to lessor degree anarchists) Many leftists choose to forget how much property damage leftist (not to mention a few people even died like that pregnant bank teller)

    30. Reported in several news sources today… your Marxist leader… now asking for bailout! It’s going to be interesting to see how fanatics that supported Tsipiras will react. I suspect of the communist core will be mad at him while the majority will dishonestly act like a another bailout was their plan all along.

    31. I only call traitors traitors. Since almost to a man any “Greek” that bizarrely supported VMRO irredentists by calling them “Macedonia”.. is a leftist.. and some Greeks continue to vote left.. I call a spade a spade. (shades of civil war when leftists once again betrayed their country for sake of communists)

      Your identity or your political ideology. Choose wisely. I know what side I will fight for.

    32. The fifth columnists are those that blindly support communists that call Skopian irredentism “Macedonia”. They only thing they care about is how to suck back money of others they didn’t earn themselves. Shameless .Greeks in name alone.