Eurogroup President Dijsselbloem on Greek Referendum Result; Statement


Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem said that Greeks will regret the NO result of their referendum that rejected a deal his institution and the rest of Greece’s creditors had put on the negotiations table.

Here’s the full statement:

I take note of the outcome of the Greek referendum. This result is very regrettable for the future of Greece. For recovery of the Greek economy, difficult measures and reforms are inevitable. We will now wait for the initiatives of the Greek authorities. The Eurogroup will discuss the state of play on Tuesday 7 July.

Other EU and international officials have offered mixed reactions after a major victory for the NO vote in the Greek referendum, which is at more than 61% , with 70% of the votes counted.


  1. Congratulations to Prime Minister Tsipras who asked the Greek people to exercise their Democracy, the people are always right..