See the latest results of the July 5 Greek bailout referendum as they are being announced by the Greek Ministry of Interior.

After a deadlock in bailout negotiations, the Greek government asked Greek citizens to vote YES/NO on a take-it-or-leave-it bailout proposal by Greece’s creditors.

Voters in Greece started their ballots today, checking one of two boxes: “not approved/no” and “approved/yes,” in response to the following question:

“Must the agreement plan submitted by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund to the Eurogroup of 25 June, 2015, and comprised of two parts which make up their joint proposal, be accepted? The first document is titled ‘reforms for the completion of the current program and beyond’ and the second ‘Preliminary debt sustainability analysis.’”

See the Greek referendum results live on the following infographic:

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  1. Thank you Greece from the rest of Europe may your defiance of the Fascists that have taken over the European Dream not be in vain

  2. when the german plow-horse puts the blinders on, they go until they loose 2 wars. But unfortunately others have to pay for it! Those of you who think “europe” is more than just a geographic designation wake up !!!!
    At the end you will have to clean up the horseshit left behind.
    FISCAL UNION is coming…. How is the Banking UNION working for you????

  3. Brave patriotic Greeks resolved to hold their ground as their ancient forebears did at Thermopylae — defending and defining democracy for all members of a future, permanent European Union. Finance or Creditor Capitalism along with the IMF must implement policies and a recovery that considers people (stable growth rates and employment) and not mainly the recovery of private profits for the Bankers.