Greeks Celebrate Big ‘No’ Vote Win in Bailout Referendum


Greek supporters of the “No” vote started gathering in Syntagma Square and Klafthmonos Square in central Athens shortly after 7 p.m., in order to celebrate their victory.

Journalists and crews representing numerous Greek and foreign news agencies arrived at the scene to greet SYRIZA and “No” vote supporters. Microphones and stands, as well as a giant screen have been placed in Klathmonos Square for the speeches of supporters and SYRIZA representatives.

As time passes more and more people are arriving in the two Squares to celebrate the “No” vote win in the Greek referendum, shouting slogans: “The biggest ‘No’ comes from the people” and “No Samaras, nor Venizelos, now is the time for the Left.”

Many tourists have also arrived in the central squares to show solidarity with the Greek people.


  1. Now is the time for Greece to unite as one. All those Greek political stooges of the neocons and banksters that have tried to promote the Yes vote have been clearly ignored and sidelined by the people of Greece. Its now time to stand solidly behind the Govt. and negotiate the best possible deal. With the people’s mandate, the Greek Govt. will now have the power to negotiate head on! Remember, 50% of Germany;s debt was forgiven post world war II and Greece had supported this move as well! Its payback time Merkel as Germany has got rich due to that one act of judiciousness!! Greece should also get at least 50% debt relief! with liberal repayment terms! And now, I am definitely traveling to Greece to see this wonderful land and meet with the great Greeks!

  2. I want my debt halved too. We voted at home and the majority said no more tough times.
    I’m sure it’s as simple as that!