Prosecutor Investigates Whether Greek TV Stations Violated the Electoral Legislation

TV-broadcasters-greeceGreek prosecutor is investigating the possibility of certain TV broadcasters having committed offenses related to the electoral legislation, during the week leading up to the July 5 referendum.

The prosecutor received a complaint regarding SKAI, a TV broadcaster in Greece, on the eve of the referendum (Saturday, July 4). Following the complaint, the prosecutor ordered a preliminary examination.

As part of the investigation, authorities will establish whether there is evidence to suggest that the electoral process was breached by all Greek television broadcasters during the period from the referendum announcement until the final outcome on Sunday, July 5.

If the prosecutor finds any type of violations, the investigation is likely to be expanded in order to determine whether any Greek National Council for Radio and Television (NCRTV) officials are also responsible for criminal liability, since they are members of the competent supervisory authority.