Foreign Airlines Will Only Accept Credit Card Payments from Greece

British_AirwaysGreek tour operators received a letter from British Airways and Spanish Iberia airlines notifying them that from now on they expect tickets to be booked with credit cards only through the special GDS system.

A few days ago, Turkish Airlines also issued an official letter stating that it will stop accepting reservations from Greek travel agencies. Another five companies have decided to move in the same direction. Among these companies are British Airlines and Iberia, which announced that they will only accept reservations using credit cards and via the GDS system, a ticket service created in recent years to serve bank accounts of foreign companies in most countries across the globe, which is only used by professionals in the sector.

At the moment, individuals with Greek bank-issued credit cards will not be able to make any reservations through these companies. After British Airways’ and Iberia’s official announcement, Lufthansa, Swiss Air and Austrian Airlines briefed tour operators on the same matter.



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