Podemos: ‘To Defend the Greeks Is to Defend Europe’s Dignity’

podemosSpanish Podemos party leader and MEP Pablo Iglesias said in his address to the European Parliament on Wednesday that “times change” and called on Socialists to change tactics.

“Europe is not destroyed because there are citizens that say in a referendum they do not agree with the austerity and adjustment policies imposed by the Troika,” he said. 

“Europe is not destroyed because there are governments that have the courage to ask their people what they think. What is destroying Europe is the capital’s totalitarianism and the arrogance of the German government. What destroys Europe is the inability of country leaders to defend their citizens. I make a plea to Socialists. Take the step needed for social rights and leave this cursed big alliance that leads us to catastrophe. To defend the Greeks and their government today is to defend Europe’s dignity. Times change and very soon we will be the powerful,” concluded Iglesias.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. To be fair, Podemos is behaving in principled fashion (albeit I don’t agree with their principles).

    I don’t support Tsipiras ridiculous positions but on some level I do see some inconsistencies going in the EU too. Any ruling left wing governments in the rest of Europe have all turned their backs on Syriza. They argue for more austerity in Greece, that has 25 percent unemployment and has its economy reduced by 25% in 5 years, then argue against austerity in their own countries?

    So what they really mean is they don’t really support socialism. They support national socialism!

    Of course it’s not of the variety of Nazis but it is a statement about their frame of mind and priorities. They don’t want United States of Europe and European identity. If they did, they wouldn’t have hesitated to come to help Greece, even in perpetuity. (Americans constantly shift boatloads of money through rich to poor states because they consider themselves a single nation). Tsipiras and many of his Marxist followers have closer to a European identity than Greek. This is why they are confused by their behavior. They believed they lived in a post nationalist Europe, but it was fiction of their ideological desires not reality

    This drama isn’t about just Greek debt. It’s a vote on the fate of EU. If EU can’t figure out a way to save Greece from falling apart even further (even with the morons currently running it) then the EU is basically signing it’s death warrant. If it can’t save its weakest member in a time of crisis all the European highmindedness will have been exposed to world as a nationalist scam of empty rhetoric.

    I never believed in a United States of Europe. I believed in an EU with a layered identity not just a European one. Each nation fully independent but with some common standards to facilitate trade and friendship (sure beats wars). Much like they did when many of them sympathized with communism, many far leftists went too far with their extreme anti nationalism (there is such a thing). Their desire to do away with nationalism is precisely what has brought out the extreme nationalists.

    Since ancient times men have dreamed of universal empire. United mankind. This was what communism was largely about. These are foolish and dangerous fairytales. Man is still an animal on a certain level and will always be one as long as he is man. A thing is what it is. Animals tend to prioritize things close to them. Themselves, their family, their herd. Herds can merge with other herds but there will never be universal herds.

    Sometime approximating nationalism is like gravity to human civilization. You can’t do away with it by moralizing. All you can do is examine it’s properties so that you can try to take precautions not to get into a fight with another herd or walk off a cliff following a foolish herd.