Greek Gov’t: ‘We Believe We Will Have Positive Signs at the Eurogroup’

sakellaridisGovernment spokesman Gavriil Sakellaridis expressed his optimism on Thursday over an agreement with Greece’s partners noting that the government does everything towards this direction.

Speaking to private ANT1 TV, Sakellaridis said “We believe that we will have positive signs at the Eurogroup and that we proceed to an agreement” adding that if everything goes well maybe the EU Summit on Sunday will not be necessary. Referring to the scenarios of a secret plan for the return to the drachma, Sakellaridis clarified that there is no such plan and that the government is trying to reach an agreement.

“The reason we are at this point is the institutions’ stance that demanded more and more. The recourse to the referendum was not useless” said the government’s spokesman noting that it helped in the negotiations. “The week before the referendum we had IMF’s report that the Greek debt is not sustainable” he stated underlining that “it is extremely important the uncertainty to stop. If the debt issue is solved it will be very important for the Greek economy.”

Asked if the government has thought what it would do in case something occurs at the last moment, Sakellaridis said “We are in deliberations with top officials, institutions and country leaders in order for the way to open and to reach an agreement.”

Concluding, Sakellaridis apologized to the citizens for the inconvenience and for the trouble with the banks and thanked them for their calmness and their sobriety.

(Source: ANA-MPA)


  1. You believe ? Your government has been saying that for months, how a deal has been made. Yet no deal.

    The truth is the EU is getting ready to throw Greece out of the euro. Next will be the EU. The EU, and the world, has had enough of the Marxist Greeks. They voted. Now they take responsibility for their vote. It’s very simple to understand.

  2. The new negotiations will bring a new round of loans accompanied by more reforms which will inevitably form the basis for economic recovery. With a possible debt write-off (promoted by many global economists) the Greek people will finally be able to rebuild their country.