PM Tsipras Updates Greek Officials On Negotiations Developments


Greek Prime Minster Alexis Tsipras met with the President of the Hellenic Republic, Prokopis Pavlopoulos on Wednesday evening, before speaking with “To Potami” leader Stavros Theodoakris.

Tsipras confirmed to Pavlopoulos that Greece sent a request to the ESM for a bailout and reiterated that Greece will submit detailed proposals on Thursday.

According to Tsipras, the Greek government’s goal is to strike a balance between credible reforms and sufficient funding as well as a debt restructuring, that will help secure an exit from the perpetual crisis.

“I am fully aware that the responsibility lies with the government but I think communication with all the political powers — and of course in the supreme political level — is a precondition so we can achieve the best possible result,” he added.

Pavlopoulos noted that on Sunday, Greece will be a member of Europe and the Eurozone and that it will contribute to helping the region through the difficult days ahead.

“The referendum and the mandate of the Greek people in no way meant a clash, but the recommencement of the whole negotiation process, that has one and only goal, the unshakable presence of Greece in Europe,” the Greek President said.

Following his meeting with the prime minister and after being informed on the Euro Summit discussions,  “To Potami” party-leader Theodorakis indicated that the lines along which the political common front was formed on Monday are being followed. He also admitted that there are some people in Europe who would like to see Greece out of the EU.

“What is necessary is to persuade some of the more hesitant people in Europe that the future of Greece is at the heart of Europe,” he said.

Theodorakis added that there could be another political leaders’ meeting following the achievement of a deal.


  1. Mr. Tsipras: ppl. in Europe dont “hesitate”, most ppl. in Europe have enough of this drama and dont want to pay anyfurther you beeing father xmas in your own country with eu money.
    They made that very clear to you yesterday in Brussels,

  2. Well said Marisya. Sick and tired of the me me me Greeks, the world owes us something. He was also told in Brussels by MEP how could he explain pension system in Greece when other poor nations in the EU governments would have to contribute to the bailout for Greece. The Greek government have insults leaders, accused of terrorism etc, while pumping money into the Greek bank last week. The Greeks must think this is Juncker and Merkels personal money. Nope it’s Europe money. paid by the people of Europe. It’s not EU fault if Greece have corrupt governments, officials, don’t pay taxes. misuse of EU funds etc. It time the Greek take responsibility for their affairs and get their act together.