Greece to Remain in NATO, Even in Case of Grexit

Leaders watch a ceremony honoring NATO military personnel for their service the NATO Summit meeting in ChicagoNATO head Jens Stoltenberg stated that even if Greece is forced to leave the Eurozone it will remain in the military alliance, despite the fact that the debt crisis poses a security threat to Europe.

According European and U.S. officials, Greece’s possible exit from the monetary union may have repercussions for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), which has been in a dispute with Russia due to the Ukrainian crisis.

Meanwhile, Greece’s government is in a dispute with its European partners due to their inability to reach a viable solution that would benefit both parties. While Europe and Greece are trying to figure out a way for the country to remain in the common currency, Russia made overtures to the leftist SYRIZA government in Athens, however, Greece will remain “a close partner,” said Stoltenberg.

“They have not linked the problems within the European Union and the euro with their strong commitment to NATO,” Stoltenberg said. “What I appreciate is that Greece has been so clear in all its communication. Greece is and will remain a committed NATO ally.”

Greece has been a part of NATO since 1952, but the country withdrew its forces from NATO’s military command structure from 1974 to 1980 as a result of Greco-Turkish tensions following the 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus.


  1. You really have no idea about Geopolitics do you? A constant port in Greece means that Russia would dominate the Balkans since they have Serbia already with them. Say goodbye to Kosovo and Bosnia straight away. The Russian navy is uncapable of sending an invasion force significant enough, true that, but it’s never meant to, all they need to do is hold NATO forces out of landing ports, and they are more than capable to do that. A ground war betwen NATO forces in Europe and Russia would end up in less than a month, with the Russian flag rising on Portugal before America could land an invasion force significant enough to turn the tide…we don’thave anything to counter their new Sukhoi flying battlegroups and the T100 in combat would destroy everything we can send by land.

    American economy, nearing a trillion in debt is just in no position to do anything about this if its allies keep punching one another, look at Crimea, see how the sanctions did there, they stopped us in our tracks…America could be safewith the new Ford Class, but without Europe American markets would sink in months…and that is WHEN they leave, by the time this happens they may have interrupted enough plans within NATO and the EU to stand firm to Russia, that they would already be at the gates of Paris by the time we react.


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