Greece’s Parliament Approves Greek Bailout Proposal; Now It’s in Europe’s Hands

Greek Parliament

The Greek parliament approved on Saturday Greek PM Alexis Tsipras’ bailout plan to negotiate a deal with Greece’s creditors based on the political party leaders’ agreement draft.

The Greek Prime Minister and Finance Chief Euclid Tsakalotos called the parliament to approve the bill and authorize the Greek negotiating team to conduct an agreement with the lenders.

Tsipras told parliament he hopes Greece is at the end of a difficult battle. He compared the last several months of tough negotiations with the EU as a war in which his government has been fighting for the rights of the Greek people.
“We will make it,” Tsipras predicted. “We will make it not only to stay in Europe but also to live as equal partners with dignity and pride, seeking our rights in Europe and opening up a path for the other nations in Europe.”

On the draft bailout bill, 251 members voted yes and 32 rejected it. Seven members were absent from the committee and eight members abstained from the vote, including Parliament Speaker Zoe Konstantopoulou who stated that although the Greek PM negotiated fiercefully, the bill is a product of international blackmailing to Greece.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras sent the proposal to Greece’s creditors on Thursday, in what looks like the last chance for the debt-ridden country to receive a bailout agreement and avoid a financial collapse and possible exit from the Eurozone.

On Friday the PM brought the proposal to the parliament asking its MPS to pass a law that will be approved as a basis for a bailout deal, and authorize him, Finance Minister Tsakalotos and Greek VP Ioannis Dragasakis to sign such an agreement with the creditors.

The long parliamentary session, finally approved the bill on the first hours of Saturday.

Addressing lawmakers in the Greek Parliament on Friday night, Greece’s Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said the government was seeking Parliament’s authorization in order to further strengthen the country’s negotiating position, “in the spirit of the political party leaders’ agreement.”

“Even though we were not obliged to do this, after the 61% in the referendum, since we had a stronger position, we want to do it in order to make it even stronger,” he said during a meeting of four parliamentary committees.

A crucial Eurogroup will evaluate the proposal on Saturday in Brussels.


  1. Fantastic TURNAROUND and betrayal of the Greek People.
    It will only be time , with the increase in taxes and failure of more business in Greece, before the new money taken as loans from the Eoropean Union runs out again.
    Next time the accumulated borrowings will become Bigger DEBT.

  2. How can the People who said that Greece’s debt is unsustainable, now agree to more Debt ?

  3. Now the Port of Piraeus, the airports of Athens and Macedonia, OTE and all the other utilities will be sold off to companies that will most likely sound Greek in name but have German discreet shareholders.
    Has this been the aim all along?

  4. “Even though we were not obliged to do this, after the 61% in the referendum, since we had a stronger position”

    This claim is bizarre given that Syriza completely backtracked and effectively supported the austarity agreement they claimed to be against just days later. The YES vote lost the referendum but Trsipiras flipflopped and in practice supported YES position while recommending to his supporters to vote NO.

    Syriza supporters were once again played for fools by Tsipiras but his Marxist rhetoric didn’t move the EU one inch. All Tsipiras accomplished was alienate other European states (in particular German were populism has now taken over much like it has in Greece). Do we really want this Che Cheverra wannabe running our government making us look like asses in front of the entire planet?

  5. There’s a saying, “It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”
    Could the real Alexis Tsipras please stand up! If you are genuine with what you have submitted to The Euro Gang, you have then deceived the people of Greece and wasted everybody’s time and money. I wonder if your partner will keep her promise and leave you or is she just like you – your words are meaningless.
    How can the Euro Gang truly believe Tsipras?! Surely he has now truly revealed his hand for all to see. “Not to be trusted” or will Mr Tsipras create another twist in this compelling melodrama.

  6. I can’t believe it!
    Less than a week after a national referendum to reject those measures, they then go and back the very same measures.
    I hope Golden Dawn are elected in the next elections!