Greek Prime Minister to U.S. Treasury Secretary: Deal Must Respect Greeks

Lew_TsiprasGreek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras had a phone conversation with the United States Secretary of Treasury Jacob Lew prior to Sunday’s Euro Summit.

According to Reuters, a Greek government official said that Tsipras told Lew that willingness and commitment is needed from all sides involved for a deal to be agreed. The Greek Prime Minister also noted that Greece has demonstrated this willingness.

“For an agreement to be viable it must respect fundamentally the Greek people and everything they have endured over the last five years,” Tsipras said during the phone call.

In the past few weeks, Lew and the United States government have urged for Greece and its creditors to find a solution. The Secretary of Treasury has also said that there could be geopolitical, aside from economic, implications of a Grexit.

During Sunday’s Eurogroup, Eurozone finance ministers demanded that Greece implement more reform measures and officially legislate them in the following days.


  1. The U.S holds fears for geopolitical issues that can arise from this whole mess! Just imagine if Donald Trump is elected as next U.S president the world will never be the same…