Yanis Varoufakis: “Schauble Told Me He Wants Grexit, This Is No Theory”


Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis just revealed that German Finance minister told him that his plan for Greece is to leave the euro.

Greece never had a chance for success to reach an agreement writes Varoufakis on his blog.

Varoufakis’ statement is a preview of an article set to appear on the German paper Die Zeit on Thursday 16th July 2015.

Here’s his full statement:

Pre-publication summary: Five months of intense negotiations between Greece and the Eurogroup never had a chance of success. Condemned to lead to impasse, their purpose was to pave the ground for what Dr Schäuble had decided was ‘optimal’ well before our government was even elected: That Greece should be eased out of the Eurozone in order to discipline member-states resisting his very specific plan for re-structuring the Eurozone.

  • This is no theory.
  • How do I know Grexit is an important part of Dr Schäuble’s plan for Europe?
  • Because he told me so!

I wrote this article not as a Greek politician critical of the German press’ denigration of our sensible proposals, of Berlin’s refusal seriously to consider our moderate debt re-profiling plan, of the European Central Bank’s highly political decision to asphyxiate our government, of the Eurogroup’s decision to give the ECB the green light to shut down our banks.

I wrote this article as a European observing the unfolding of a particular Plan for Europe – Dr Schäuble’s Plan.

And I am asking a simple question of Die Zeit’s informed readers:

  • Is this a Plan that you approve of?
  • Do you consider this Plan good for Europe?


  1. Who cares what the incompetent, lying, imposter professor Varoufakis says. This imbecile sold his country, and the Greek people down the river because of his inferiority complex ego.

    Varoufakis, is a worthless piece of garbage.

  2. Right on it will be us in England and possibly the Aussies as well who will come to Greece’s rescue. Luckily France, not the U.S, mediated for the new proposal as they had economic experts on the ground in Greece providing advice on the documents.

  3. Wrong again! As a (pseudo) former U.S judge you seem to make a lot of mistakes! Your Greek hating comments show your ignorance to facts. It was France, not the U.S, that brokered the deal with Germany. The U.S has little muscle in Europe except when they want allies for their wars of genocide on the innocent people in the middle east…

  4. I haven’t made any mistakes. You are the uneducated one, with the poor intelligence. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    I proved you wrong on your absurd Argentina/ default claim you made which was very easy to do. You just make dogmatic statements, and claims which are contradicted by well documented facts. Quite frankly, you are not an intellectual challenge. Sorry.

    France helped Greece prepare the deal. It did not broker it, and denied doing so. It was the U.S. applying the pressure to resolve the Greek issue. That is why Tsipras was speaking with Obama, and Lew on a constant basis which has been reported on all the Greek media sources.

    If the U.S. had not been involved as you falsely claim, there would be no reason, or need, for Tsipras to be speaking with U.S. government officials would there ? It’s simple common sense. A trait you obviously do not have.

    LOL, LOL. The U.S. has little muscle in Europe ? LOL, LOL. You really are ignorant. Take a look at what the U.S. is doing to the Russian economy. Look what the U.S. did to cause the complete collapse of the USSR. You should have at least finished your high school level education, and maybe you wouldn’t make such ignorant comments.

  5. I’m stating the obvious. Evidently, you have a reading comprehension problem, among other things.

  6. I believe Yanis is right. Many people in Europe disagree with the troika, and if EU had more democratic structures, the EP had more power, and the executive wasn’t divided in a way that reminds of the King’s Councils of absolutists monarchies, things would be different. Syriza allowed to open a discussion on these items, and Yanis helped exposing how he troika works. We should think less in terms of countries, and more as european citizens; we have a lot in common, and should defend it against the banksters.

  7. The corrupt welfare state experiment that was Greece has failed miserably. The fear is that by leaving and defaulting that it will lead to similar situations in Italy, Spain and Portugal who are also in poor financial condition. The ECB will allow this can to be kicked down the road and Greece will demand more money and continue it’s steady spiral downward until it eventually is pushed out of the Euro zone.

  8. Look to Canada to see how they handle their difference with the French speaking province of Quebec if you want to see how civilized people handle such differences. Although poliitcal in scope, Quebec in the mid 90s actually had a referendum on whether to remain part of Canada. Although it divided the people at the time, 20 years later Quebec remains a part of Canada.
    The economic and political relationship between the province of Quebec and Ottawa (federal government) is different than that of any other province and Ottawa. In fact Quebec is recognized in the cohstitution as a “Distinct Society” and as such has some unique relationships with the Canadian federation that other provinces dont have.