Greek Defense Minister: This Bailout Deal Is a Coup


The first signs of dismay -but not necessarily of a crack- in the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government regarding the 86-billion-euro bailout deal appeared just a few hours after Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed with international creditors in Brussels.

Defense Minister and Independent Greeks (ANEL) leader Panos Kammenos denounced the new deal on Monday and expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that the proposals the Greek side submitted were completely brushed aside. However, Kammenos was not disappointed in Tsipras.

“This deal is beyond what was agreed during the political leaders summit under the President of the Hellenic Republic, which the Greek Parliament ratified. To that agreement, as a sign of good will and even though it was against our conscience, we said yes. But to this deal, which brings new data, which talks about 50 billion euros as collateral of public assets, which talks about decrees for changes of laws like the Criminal Procedure Code, which will lead to house foreclosures, which refers to a complete collapse, even of constitutional ideals, we cannot agree,” he said.

Kammenos echoed last night’s worldwide Twitter trend when he claimed Tsipras faced a coup from Germany and other nations during the Brussels negotiations.

“This coup went to the point where the Greek Prime Minister was threatened with the banks’ collapse and complete deposit haircuts. This blackmail went on until the early morning hours. The Prime Minister, faced with this blackmail, not having any other choice to prevent these consequences, reached the point where he made an agreement,” he said.

Kammenos added that the ANEL Parliamentary Group will meet tomorrow and decide on how to act.

“We will move forward together, the Greek government and the Greek people united, to claim the right of Greek citizens,” he said.

Kammenos noted that while he supports Tsipras and the SYRIZA-ANEL coalition, he will refuse to be part of a government that includes political entities like “To Potami” leader Stavros Theodorakis and New Democracy leader Evangelos Meimarakis, who were willing to give everything up to creditors while the Prime Minister was struggling in Brussels.


  1. If unprincipled loudmouths had supported our prior coalition government under Samaras rather than an incompetent self-righteous Marxist propagandist we would have received a far more sensible deal. Keep up the great work comrades. He “won”.

  2. Yes, Panos Kammenos is a complete phony but what else can you expect from a pseudo nationalist, corrupt ex-New Democracy MP? This fraud is finished. When elections are held probably in September ANEL won’t even secure the 3% required to remain in parliament. GD is the ONLY genuine unyielding, uncompromising nationalist, anti-memorandum party in Greece. If GD is granted the honour of governing Greece, GD will end cooperation with the Troika, remove Greece from the €urozone, EU, & NATO and pivot to Russia, forging a strong military alliance with Russia, and ultimately joining Putin’s Russian led Eurasian Economic Union and BRICS bank. The USA fears the gaping hole left in NATO’s South Eastern European defenses if Greece were to leave NATO and enter into an alliance with Putin’s Russia as a consequence of exiting the €urozone, that is why Obama put pressure on Merkel to keep Greece in the €urozone. If GD comes to power in Greece, rest assured it will turn the USA’s nightmare into reality.

  3. If GD (or their brothers the KKE) comes to power, Greeks will be eating flies for dinner.

  4. The heroes of GD and the KKE supported giving Macedonia to foreigners in the 1940s. For that reason alone, neither party EVER deserves to form a government in Greece.

    I bet that slap was staged, and one day there will be a von Ribbentrop-Molotov type agreement between GD and KKE. Because that’s what traitorous snakes do.

  5. Act as Iceland did, by arresting all the banksters and getting rid of corruption in the gov’t. Iceland, after having ousted its corrupt gov’t, imprisoning the banksters and nationalizing the banks, is enjoying growth of its economy.
    Greece, if it wants to eliminate debt and thrive, must follow in Iceland’s footsteps.

  6. Clearly you don’t. Metaxas, dictator though he was, also said NO to an alliance with the Nazis. Where he flatly rejected the Nazis and its accompanying anti-Semitism, you praise them as heroes.

    And yes, I know KKE Stalinists did nothing to fight against the Nazis in 1941, not unlike the Nazi collaborators who were your TRUE ideological ancestors. You and the communists, allies forever.

  7. Golden Dawn takes its inspiration from the August 4th regime of Ioannis Metaxas.

    In 2013, Municipal factions, Kalamata’s Anti-Fascism Movement, local organizations and unions mobilized to prevent Golden Dawn’s decision to organize a festival for its voters around Greece on August 4, the day Ioannis Metaxas, carried out his coup in 1936. – See more at:

    Golden Dawn wants to restore statue of Ioannis Metaxas in Kefalonia. – See more at:

    On November 1, 2013, 4 days after the annual October 28 OXI celebrations, two Golden Dawn members, Manolis Kapelonis 22, and Giorgos Fountoulis 27, were gunned down at point-blank range underneath the Metaxas banner as they stood chatting outside the GD party offices in the Athenian suburb of Neo Iraklio. A previously unknown Leftist terrorist group, the Militant People’s Revolutionary Forces claimed responsibility for the cowardly, cold blooded executions which the Greek police dubbed a terrorist attack.