Greek Public Sector Union ADEDY Calls For 24-Hour Strike Against New Bailout Deal

Greek Parliament

The Greek Public Sector Union (ADEDY) urged citizens working in the country’s public sector to stage a 24-hour strike on Wednesday and express their opposition to the new 86-billion-euro bailout deal Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed on Monday morning with the country’s creditors.

Being the first strike under the six-month-old Tsipras administration, the initiative will be followed by a demonstration in front of the Greek Parliament later on the same day.

Tsipras aims to get much of the necessary legislation through the Greek Parliament by Wednesday in order to secure the new bailout program that, according to him, will prevent the country’s exit from the Eurozone.


  1. A complete debt write-off is in order and if need be, then the Greek people could leave the Eurozone and start afresh!!!

  2. Yeah, the KKE and GD. They could have issued joint statements during this crisis since their positions are very similar.

  3. If you want to come down to Syntagma to enjoy the “festivities” be sure to bring a helmet, gas mask, protective clothing and leave a contact number. As we have learned many times in the past “demonstrating” public workers can be nasty to anyone that opposes them.

  4. “Tsipiras is now officially a supporter of austerity and bailouts”

    so you must support this sell out then, right?


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