SYRIZA Left Platform Likely to Reject Bailout Deal in Greek Parliament

Panagiotis Lafazanis

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is likely to face internal strife over his 86-billion-euro agreement with international creditors on Monday.

The deal, which was struck after 17 hours of deliberations and will include more measures and reforms than the ones Greece submitted last week, will have to be ratified by the Greek government by Wednesday at the latest.

The SYRIZA Left Platform, a sub group within the party, is likely to vote against the deal, vote “present” or even abstain from the whole process, according to Greek media.

Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, leader of the Left Platform, will not resign from his post even though he will reportedly vote against the Prime Minister’s deal. Lafazanis had also rejected the Greek proposals sent to international creditors.

The SYRIZA Parliamentary Group will meet tomorrow morning to discuss the deal.


  1. [50 billion euro state assets selling could support new currency and repay debt]

    This is a very harsh agreement; it is harsher than last ultimatum which gets big “NO” in referendum. In reality it is 36 billion euro loan + 50 billion state assets selling.

    In the research, Greece has 3 crises: debt, recession and unemployment; the root is currency overvalued, because using euro, it could not be adapted. The agreement will delay the debt crisis, but recession and unemployment can be more serious. Greece would have another 5 years big trouble and losing dignity. Only 50 billion state assets selling might vibrate economic growth.

    The agreement should be denied in parliament. In reality 50 billion state assets selling could support a new currency and repay debt for 3 years. Of course 50 billion state assets selling by self is far better by German supervising.

  2. [Seeking China’s assistance]

    After currency devalued 50%, Greek export will increase largely, and bring big trade surplus. West Europe is declining; China (Mainland + ROC Taiwan + Hong Kong + Macao + Singapore) is rising. ROC Taiwan (zero foreign debt) has bigger foreign currency reserve than Russia, India and Brazil; although her diplomacy is very difficult; because she has big trade surplus.

    Mainland China’s trade surplus is US$ 59 billion and US$ 45 billion in May and June. Their stock was always 3 trillion, recently growing to US$ 10 trillion and then withdrawing. Mainland China’s export, outbound tourist spending and new auto purchase that are all leading the US, and the gap is expanding.

    Greece should establish own currency, supporting by 50 billion euro state assets selling (It brings short term pain, but better than 5 years pain), and seek China’s assist (including war reparation from Germany). This is best way for coping with debt, recession and unemployment issues of Greece.

  3. All these Greek politicians look like dregs off the street. It matches their intellect level.

    Good, let the Marxist blow the deal. I doubt they will vote against the loan as they can’t resist stealing money. Besides, they are all talk, and no substance.

    The EU should not be handing these corrupt, and incompetent people any money, as it will never benefit the responsible Greek people. The money will just go into the pockets of these criminals.

  4. i find Tsipras the man with the least integrity, he should have resigned rather than agree to something he said he would not agree to, he is simply a liar

  5. The existing Debt could not be paid, the interest could not be paid, so another 86 billion of further debt is mad and how could those that agreed to lend this further money be sane ? they will say it is Greece’s fault.
    They must be happy that they will have the Titles to the Airports, the ports and anything else they like and the valuations of 50billion are so low ! Congratulations to the Germans for their destruction.

  6. Good. The EU was smart. Give the Greeks an outline of an agreement making them act responsibly which Greek governments hate, and watch the Greeks self destruct. Now the pressure is off the EU for a Greek deal, and the Greeks now have to fend for themselves………………………………perfect.

  7. Look at the comments by those that demonized Samaras and wildly supported Tsipiras. They all act like they didn’t support him and continue to rail against cuts.

    They are reacting exactly like they did when Papandreou did the exact same thing to them. And this isn’t new behavior or limited to just them. Millions of Greeks behave this way and have behaved this way for decades. It is this exact mentality of entitlement in Greece society that needs to be purged.

    The truth is millions of Greeks effectively sell their vote to whatever politicians they think has the best chance of getting them government services. They are endlessly railing against cuts and reforms that long term will help our private sector… while simultaneously they support politicians that effectively support illegal immigration. Although in words in they claim otherwise, in actions they show their primary concern is their leftist ideology not Hellenism. Over and over again they keep picking leaders that are antihellenic purely because they prioritize their pocketbooks over Hellenism.

    As I predicted, Tsipiras support is declining now that he’s buckled into austerity. It was a mistake for Samaras to retire but I understand why. He got tired with arguing with masses of unprincipled lunatics that demonized him for taking rational steps to save Greece. I really hope he comes back but if he does i think it should be under a different party name. Some in ND started trash taking him the moment he left the door. Pathetic. Behaved like Mitsotakis did by oandering to incompetent populists to buy votes rather than adhere to principles.

    I don’t agree with everything he did but Samaras is the only politician in Greece I know at the moment whose intelligence, integrity and policies I respect I really don’t know who to support now. The current choices seem to be a case of dumb and dumber.