This Is the Bailout Deal Greece and Eurozone Just Agreed: Full Document


Although the new deal averts a Grexit, it includes more austerity measures Greece will have to implement.

Eurozone’s leaders agreed to save Greece by keeping it in the Eurozone and offer the debt-ridden country a much needed bailout agreement but under harsh terms.

Read the full document that describes the new Greek bailout agreement below:


  1. There could be light at the end of the tunnel! It will be difficult but as long as the Greek oligarchs pay their dues in line with the socio-economic sacrifices of the Greek people then there is hope.

  2. Welcome to the new Greece..Greece will be in the same position if not worse in 3 years time with a debt of $500 to $600b….
    There are no tax incentives for businesses to set up in Greece and employ people…
    There are no r & d increased tax deductions…
    We have 300 politicians who could not come up with any reforms and had to wait for our European partners to tell us what to do..and sell our assets..Now that is sad…

  3. Hey airhead. If this Greek issue has done anything, it’s clearly exposed the poorly educated, lack of intelligence, and common sense, as well as poor reading comprehension problems, people like you are afflicted with.

    The “Greekment” as it is now called, is NOT a loan agreement. Let me repeat that so it sinks into that very thick skull you have. This document the “Greekment” IS NOT A LOAN AGREEMENT. In addition, it does not guarantee Greece a bailout loan

    The “Greekment” document clearly states that if Greece performs on certain requirements by the EU, which the EU MUST APPROVE, that the EU is willing to OPEN TALKS ONLY in regards to the bailout loan Greece has requested. IT DOES NOT GUARANTEE A LOAN TO GREECE. Got that ?

  4. The entire world has watched the Fourth Reich at play, its fangs completely uncovered…. And I think the whole world should say: enough is enough.

  5. Much of the text was intentionally left to interpretation as no one would allow such loose terminology in a contract of this scale except Eurocrats. So assume to presume this isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on and more negotiations-clarifications and theater is needed before ratification.

  6. You put your own nail in your coffin when you stated “when conditions are met”. That translates to mean the “Greekment Document” is not a loan agreement. Just for starters, it does not spell out the term of the loan, which any basic loan agreement contract has. Of course, you wouldn’t know that because you don’t have the education.

    Your claim I hate Geeks is a flat out lie. There are plenty of Greeks here in Greece, that would challenge you on that false claim.

  7. It hurts doesn’t it when your true nature of hating Greeks and their way of life is so easily revealed. It seems you are by far the biggest imposter… a former judge… LOL… give us a break….

  8. No, I just hate illiterate people like you, who’s warped, and incompetent logic, is the reason Greece is in the situation it is now. Responsible Greeks have been stuck paying for stupidity such as yours.

    You are the one that hates Greeks. Because it’s the irresponsible, uneducated, degenerates, such as you, that causes Greeks, and others, to suffer hardships they should not have to suffer.

    My comments regard solutions to the problem. You have no solutions, nor do you possess any intelligence, education, or experience, to know where to even begin to solve Greece’s problems.