Opinion: #ThisIsNeoliberalism


    A Greek prince of the left, channeling Odysseus and an Australian mystic, took arms against the Brussels Fight Club, crusading for his nation’s very survival. His small nation blessed with great history and beauty was also cursed with turpitude and rot. His Trojan Horse was no match for the right flank of the Dutch Master, German Kaiser and French Spy masquerading as a caring patron. Ignoring the Noble Cassandra of Economics, the nobles of fair Brussels sacrificed the prince and the very soul of Europe. All to venerate the gilder of a New York Caesar, bestowed by an English Medusa.

    Supporting the Greek defenses was a brave Italian boy scout whose battle cry fortified the French resistance against a shrill chorus of Slovakian panic, Finnish hypocrisy and British haught. A Dutch Oracle warned the Greek was but a false prophet while he awaits to privatize his waters. The Australian betrayed the prince, fled to the Aegean (as mystics often do) abdicating the most violent battle to a quiet warrior from Rotterdam. The Americans intervened fearing a Chinese dragon and Russian Rasputin. In the end, a Polish diplomat brokered a fragile détente saving the prince to fight another day. All agreed pillaging the Greek for his hubris would chasten his daring and smother a possible Portuguese and Spanish insurrection. The prince returned to Athens to await his fate. His nation’s destiny in the balance.

    The battle wages on in Belgium. Where Europe continues to fight her wars.



    1. Once upon a time there was a small nation living at the borders of a deepblue sea, having a lot of sun and living from the land and sea.
      Then their rulers saw that near them a kingdom started to grow with its capital Brussels, far in the north.
      They watched their neigbours joining that kingdom and saw they got money to help build roads and more nice presents.
      So, they wanted to join too, and we all know how they got part of that kingdom.
      And money started to flow, some in the form of loans, but he, the interest was low and tomorrow we will see what will happen, but for today they were very pleased, more wages for the work, and an early retirement, almost no inflation and nice social benefits for the peoples nation.
      This went on and on, and the residents of the small nation were very satisfied.
      Until one day the prince in charge of the nation was noticed that a baiiff stood at the gate of his palace, he was very surprised about that, but after informing it seemed that his chamberlain found a few notes urging to pay the debt.
      Ah well, he said what a brutality asking interest for that few lent billions , what a guts.
      Representatives of the kingdom came and went, to urge, but nothing happend, well thats not true, the lending went on and the life of the residents was calm and fine.
      In the meanwhile in Brussels the others discussed what to do with such an attitude and they decided to low the interest of the loans,and to stretch the other agreements to please the prince over there, who promised to repay the loans and loan less.
      But as we all know, the prince broke all of the promisses and the knights in Brussels got worried, to urge him to act.
      But nothing happened (again) and nobody in the kingdom except a part of his own people believes the prince anymore therefore he got in trouble at home and in Brussels.
      The farmers and fishermen of the small nation got used to the prosperity on lent money and are now very angry and upset, they blame everyone but themselfes and their prince.
      “They hate us” they cry, well as a matter of fact thats ridiculous of course, i wouldn’t lent hundreds of billions of euros to ppl. i hate, and for sure would’nt spent taxmoney from others on haircuts.
      But the fairytale has’nt ended yet, it will turn into a nightmare, i am affraid the gates in Brussels will be closed for that nation near the sea unless there will be another chamberlain and prince in charge .


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