Alternate Finance Minister Valavani Resigns

Nadia Valavani
Greek Alternate Finance Minister Nadia Valavani informed Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras that she resigns from her post in a letter sent on Monday, July 13 to the Maximos Mansion.

The Finance Ministry in an announcement on Wednesday released the full text of Valavani’s letter. Valavani among other things said that she supported the negotiation group on Friday because she was certain that there will not be an agreement.

“I still believe that there will not be an agreement. Τhe tactic of the sovereign circles in Germany is the total humiliation of the government and the country” said Valavani and thanked the prime minister for giving her the opportunity to serve their “liberation effort.” “I want to believe that the fight continues,” she concluded.

Valavani’s resignation came amid allegations on Tuesday that she withdrew 200,000 euros from her banking acount one day before capital controls were imposed. The withdrawal was made by an acount in a bank in Heraklion, Crete.

The former deputy denied the allegations that were brought up by a New Democracy MP. She insisted that her resignation is based on her political decision to remove herself from a government that would sign an austerity agreement. She also said that the false accusations were a political plot from the opposition to undermine her and SYRIZA ahead of the parliament vote on Greece’s third bailout. She also said that she doesn’t have an acount at the bank she allegedly withdrew money from.

According to a report, the withdrawal was made by her mother who has an acount at the particular bank.




  1. There is nothing you can do…Sorry to say..You need to reform everything to an English style of doing business..Forget what has happened in the past..We need to change…

  2. It’s the incompetence, and ignorance, of people like her, that Greece is now where it is. More like her need to resign. Good riddance.

  3. She is right about German humiliation of Greece and the Greek people, Germany will force you into more debt and we know that you can not pay the interest on the existing debt !

  4. One communist hypocrite less. Good. Make sure that the commie doesn’t receive any pension, her mediocre performance should invoke the repayment of her salary.

  5. She is not correct on anything. She is just another incompetent Greek politician who is destroying her country because of her incompetence.

    Greece humiliated itself. Germany had nothing to do with it. When you send a boy like Tsipras, to do a man’s job, this is the result you get.

  6. The case just shows to which extend the real Problem is Greece itself – and if you keep blaming everybody else, nothing will change

    Look at what Transpancy
    international’s conclusions are :

    “…the amount of money lost by Greece over the last decade
    to illicit money like bribes and tax evasion leaving the country matches the
    latest bailout, equivalent to € 120 billion.

    evasion is widespread in Greece, and constitutes a core part of the country’s
    illicit economy. …

    … A key
    conclusion of the report is that corruption in Greece originates mainly from a
    crisis of values, which has imbued both the Greek mentality and the core
    institutions of the country. The long-standing acceptance of corruption by
    Greek citizens, coupled with fatalism about the chances of preventing or
    resisting it, drives petty wrongdoing and perpetuates the bottlenecks in
    institutions that hamper reform.

    pricelist From Up to

    Hospitals Procedure / Surgery € 100 € 30.000

    Speeding up
    the case € 30 €

    Tax Offices
    Arrangement for financial
    records audit € 100 € 20.000

    Issuing of
    documents € 15 € 1.000

    Construction Bodies Issuing of
    a construction license € 200 € 8.000

    of illegal building € 200 € 5.000

    Sector Health Services
    (Hospitals, Clinics) Procedure
    / Surgery € 150 € 7.000

    Medical tests € 30 € 500