Eurogroup Chairman Believes Negotiations Will Not Go Smoothly

dijsselbloem-14.7_708Greece may have signed an initial agreement with its European partners, but not all parties involved appear optimistic about the country’s future. One of the less optimistic opinions was expressed by Eurogroup chairman Jeroen Dijsselbloem.

The Eurogroup chairman predicted that Greece and the creditors may face more problems in the future, due to the criticism that the new bailout program has received. Furthermore, he accused Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras of making nice but false promises to the people that have complicated the negotiation process, while he also made it clear that he holds no sympathy for the Greek government.

In an interview with Dutch television’s Nieuwsuur, the Eurogroup chairman and Dutch finance minister added that Greece tested Europe’s patience and understanding, while stressing that the Greek government and Alexis Tsipras’s tactics strained the situation.

“You have to realize that if we’d held referendums in the other 18 countries on whether we should give more money to Greece, the result would have been much more striking and more negative than the 60 percent who voted in Greece,” he said.

“I was angry because of the beautiful promises made to the Greek population that weren’t true. You can’t promise things that you can’t bring about,” Mr Dijsselbloem was quoted as saying.

Referring to the agreement, he admitted that it poses many difficulties for the Greek government, but he stressed that Greece’s economy will become stronger after the implementation of new tougher measures. “I have no sympathy for the Greek government, but I have sympathy for the people of Greece,” he added. “It is not a punishment. It is an attempt to rebuild the country, to pay their taxes,” he said.


  1. The whole deal will go sideways. It’s just a matter of time before Greeks will self destruct. However, it will be on their shoulders for the failure. Let their economy collapse. You reap, what you sew, as they say.

    The first sign of any static from Greece, the EU should terminate the discussions, and kick Greece out of the euro currency, followed by expulsion from the EU. Greece has no business being a member of either one.

  2. To pay their taxes so that they can be sent to the Europeans as interest repayments, for debt that the politicians created but not the Greek people.

  3. it goes to show that Taxpayers around the world need to make sure that politicians must be required by law to deliver balanced budgets and politicians must not be able to put Taxpayers into debt..

  4. Dijsselbloem, Schaeuble, Juncker, Merkel and Tsipras.
    Let’s have a vote. Who of the five is the scumbag, low life parasite? You can’t vote for all five.

  5. So the politicians in Greece are not Greeks? I know, they are morons of course but who elected them?

  6. The Greek people had benefit of the loans regarding the far to high wages, early retirement and to high pensions amongst other nice social security laws.
    They never could afford those things regarding the production and bnp.
    All lent money.
    So dont tell me that the Greek population didn’t benefit because they lived that way more then 10 years spending far to much.

  7. Barring a GD or KKE government, Greece will not be expelled from the EU. Not happening.

    Greece should never have been allowed to adopt the Euro, but there also never should have been a Euro in the first place.

  8. You are right that Greece made the mistake and that Tsipiras and his followers are morons but this doesn’t dismiss the reality of incompetence and populism now also going on in much of the rest of the EU.

    The EU leaders that are pandering to own local deluded populists with ridiculous assurances there will be no debt relief for Greece are lying just as surely as Tsipiras has been doing by claiming there would be rollbacks. Not only will there eventually be debt relief but there will be massive debt relief. Whether they call it haircut or default its coming. The laws of mathematics cannot be defeated no matter how many people hate Greeks.

  9. Your hate for the Greek people far exceeds any intelligence you may possibly have, which is quite little! As for this EU oligarch he has no sympathy for the Greek people but striking any deal for collecting his profit-all-cost. You can’t believe these so called EU creditors who loaned money knowing that austerity wasn’t going to work but rather good for their profit! Funny how economists are supposed to be about understanding the math and yet were incompetent in foreseeing the failure of the last two bail outs….

  10. Most Greeks I know are hardworking people! By implying they all lived beyond their means is not only incorrect but impossible as most had only a modest income and unable to borrow. The Greek people deserve better governance but just like England you can only vote (or not) for those who are in power.