Fundraising Campaign For Greek Olympic Team

Get Greece To The Olympics

“An Olympic Games without founders Greece has never, ever happened – and we want to keep it that way,” award-winning sports crowdfunding platform said, urging all fans and believers of the Olympic Games movement to financially support Greece in order to be able to join the Rio 2016 Olympics.

The sports crowdfunding platform underlined the huge threat Greek athletes face ahead of the new rescue plan the Greek government recently secured: “The issuing of another bailout loan calls for huge reforms and there is a very real threat that there could be little or even no funding available from the government for Greece to train athletes for the Rio 2016 Olympics and send them to Brazil.”

According to the platform, funding for accommodation, food, medical assistance and physiotherapists is usually available by federations and governing bodies, however the expenses for training and preparation of athletes in order to be competitive during the event are difficult to covered.

The motto of the initiative, which will last for around 48 days, is “Get Greece to the Olympics” and all the money raised will be given to the Greek Olympic Committee.