Greek Child Obesity Exacerbated By Financial Crisis

Child Obesity

Children in Greece are more likely to develop life-threatening conditions, such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and certain types of cancer, because childhood obesity has been seriously exacerbated during the Greek financial crisis.

Hellenic Medical Association for Obesity (HMAO) President Efthymios Kapantais recently commented on the problem: “Children’s body weights have increased during the years of the crisis.”

“People are now forced to eat low-cost foods, which are often foods with low nutritional value,” Kapantais said referring to the fact that many families in Greece have been forced to cut their food expenses, switching to lower-priced and less healthy foods.

According to the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Greece ranked first regarding childhood obesity among all other member-countries with 44% of its child population being overweight or obese in 2014.

Furthermore, two other recent studies conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) underscored a notable increase in overweight and obese 6 to 9-year-olds in Greece.


  1. It doesn’t cost a lot to have a healthy diet. I live in Greece, am on a budget and eat meat only about once a week. The Greek diet of eating beans, lentils, chickpeas and veggies is quite cheap. Children get fat on junk food which is notoriously expensive.

  2. “Greek Child Obesity Exacerbated By Financial Crisis”

    Another leftist spin job. Any kid that has parents that have enough money to turn their kids into fatsos by feeding them junk food are the lucky ones. Go to places with real hunger and see how much obesity there is.

  3. That is really sad. Fast food is the cause of this. whatever happened to the Mediterranean diet?