Greek PM Tsipras Sends Ultimatum to SYRIZA MPs: Accept the Deal or I Won’t be PM Tomorrow

In anticipation of the decisive vote at the Greek Parliament, the SYRIZA Parliamentary Group convened on Wednesday.

The country’s governing party is facing one of its most crucial moments since its inception in 2004 with a significant number of lawmakers set to vote against the bailout deal Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras agreed to with international creditors in Brussels on Monday.

“I am the Prime Minister because I have a Parliamentary Group that I depend on,” Tsipras told SYRIZA lawmakers at the meeting. “If I do not have support from the Parliamentary Group, it is difficult for me to be Prime Minister the following day.”

Tsipras addressed his lawmakers and urged dissidents to come forward with a viable alternative proposal.

“I exhausted all of our negotiating capabilities and examined all possible alternatives,” he said.

The Greek PM narrated the events that took place during the negotiations in Brussels and repeated his assertion that certain conservative camps wanted to pressure Greece out of the euro. He also claimed that some camps, within the country and abroad, wanted to overthrow the government and put a new one in place.

Tsipras also reportedly said that his party is responsible for preventing a humanitarian crisis in Greece and urged his lawmakers to remain united at this crucial moment.

Panagiotis Lafazanis, leader of the so-called Left Platform, a sub-group within SYRIZA that is likely to vote down the bailout deal in Parliament on Wednesday, said that the presented dilemma between a deal or a catastrophe is not true.

“There has been and always will be an alternative solution. It is a matter of political choice and political decision. It is not a technical issue,” he told reporters after the meeting and added “It is unacceptable for the government to succumb to the creditors’ deplorable choices, in the name of blackmail.”

Despite his vehement opposition to the deal, Lafazanis has not resigned from his post as Productive Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister. Following the meeting, he said that SYRIZA’s unity and support toward the government are guaranteed.


  1. It would be bad news if Lafazanis backed down here. He needs to remain steadfast and convince his Syriza partners to do their best to kill this ridiculous deal right now.

    It is NO cure for Greece; it will just allow northern european corporations to continue to pillage the public Greek infrastructure. You cannot increase taxation on the people in a Depression economy, and crazily also CUT their pensions. This is insane.

    Too high a cost for Greece to pay to remain in the Eurozone. It would permanently economically cripple the country, making it a permanent debtor always in need of a bailout.

    Parliament needs to vote this down. If the do not, then another EU parliament needs to vote it down. This is no good…not for Greece, nor the EU.

  2. Bye then,who needs a sellout? I knew the deal was fixed,when the Finance guy step down. Let the people will be done,not back room deals.

  3. There are alternatives…I will start and please email it to Tsipras…
    1. stop funding councils and allow every council to charge council rates for all land holdings within its boundaries…
    2.Polidomea- start charging fees for all forms…
    3. Penalise all building contractors who exceed what is is allowed and demolish and force them to start again.
    4. Abolish permanent employment in the public sector.
    5. Everyone who retired before 65 will receive an amount of $200 euros a month
    6. Terminate employees in all departments keep 1 in 4
    7. Start public listings of Greek post Offices like franchise
    8.Make applying for Tax File Number easier for individuals and companies
    9.Greek buildings in the centre of Athens offer leaseback deals of say 10 years with leases and offer them by way of public auctions
    10.Set up a register of all trades and professionals and force all of them to have a Tax File Number and Public Liability Insurance
    11. Have a register where people are disqualified and cannot practise any more
    12. Force all strata schemes to have building insurance
    13. Demolish buildings effective immediately with no perments and fine people
    15. Setup a new division of police to chase tax cheats with audit teams
    16. Change the company tax rate to 15%
    17. Offer companies a 200% right-off for Research and development in Greece
    18. Offer a 1.50% discount in corparte tax rate where companies employ more than 100 people within Greece..
    19 Reform all areas of public service…
    20. Fire and deregister professional for takes envelopes and kickbacks…
    There are jus afew to get started and to take to our partners …

  4. Tsipiras is a walking political corpse. He hasn’t even made a single cut and already many of the leftists that wildly supported him are turning on him like they did on their last great leftist savior Pasok’s Papadraeou. Even on this very website you can see several of Tsipiras long time supporters act as if they didn’t support him. The humiliation of Tsipiras in debt negotiations was indeed a coup but it was a coup of Tsipiras own making.

    Tsipiras made the classic politician error of a leader confusing popularity among extremists in his own country with popularity elsewhere. He foolishly thought the rhetoric he used to pander to incompetent leftist fanatics in Greece would work on EU taxpayers.. who would have to pay for his sundry empty promises..

    And this is exactly the problem with Greece. The millions of far leftist fanatics that refuse to change. Our leftists continue to have an entitlement mentality rather than see wealth as something they themselves are responsible to create. They move leader to leader like locusts moving from farm to farm looking to eat someone else’s meal..

  5. What is this? Tsipras asked the people to vote NO to Austerity and now he agrees to YES to more Austerity? is he crazy?

  6. Guys follow Varoufakis’s lead and print some money get Greece moving….
    Show the world Greece is open for business and trading…

  7. Meanwhile, the privileges of the Orthodox church and their land holdings will continue. Odd that you’d omit their privileged parasite status from your little list!!!

  8. Tsipras was a Euro-communist, a left reformist social-democrat, in other words, he and his former ‘erratic Marxist’, ‘saving capitalism from itself’ Varoufakis, weren’t particularly radical.

  9. Syriza and co were dishonest, for all KKE’s faults (their left-nationalist ‘socialism in one country’ Stalinism), at least KKE were more honest, they had a plan (flawed, yes), to get out the eurozone and EU, Syriza had no real plan (except for those in the left platform).

  10. ‘The millions of far Orthodox fanatics that refuse to change. Our Orthodox fanatics continue to have an entitlement mentality.’

    Fixed 😛

  11. Not bad. However, I’ll make it easier. Adopt the American business model, and statutes that define it.

    Adopt U.S. law that gives Greek citizens real civil rights, and freedoms, prosecutes criminals like corrupt politicians, and tax evaders. Lowers taxes significantly, so that businesses show a profit, and citizens have more money to spend.


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