Greek Gov’t VP: ‘I Want to Thank the US for Greece’s Bailout Deal’


Greece’s vice president and prominent SYRIZA MP Yanis Dragasakis thanked the USA for helping Greece establish a deal with the Eurozone and the IMF, adding that the deal is not yet officialy completed.

The Greek VP thanked the US government and President Barrack Obama for pushing Europe and the IMF to accept a disclosure on the deal for a future Greek debt restructure.

“Without their help and insistence that the agreement should include the debt issue, we might not have succeeded,” Dragasakis said. He also added that the U.S. mediation made the need for an agreement clear to everyone. “I consider it a historic event,” he said, stressing that the US exerted strong pressure on other issues as well such as the labor reform.

However the Greek vice president agrees with Greek prime minister Tsipras that this specific deal is not a positive outcome, just Greece has no better options.

“There is criticism and self-criticism. When I was saying that people shouldn’t be so hopeful, I was strongly criticized,” noted the Greek government vice president in a radio interview speaking about the bailout deal his SYRIZA party is putting for vote tonight in the Greek parliament.

“But at the moment it would be useless to rewrite history. Now, it is important to decide what we want to do in the future,” he stressed, adding that the agreement is still not certain; “there are forces that see it as a defeat, even if it is not the agreement that we would like.”

Meanwhile, he added that it was a mistake for his party colleagues to believe that SYRIZA could implement its campaign programme and promises without factoring in the negotiation process.


  1. Well, how about that. It looks like I was right about the U.S. helping make this deal all along. LOL, LOL, LOL.

  2. If the USA has helped to get the deal to this level, then how Bad was the deal that the Europeans wanted initially against Greece ?

  3. Marisya,

    It’s up to Greece to pay the bill. The U.S. only gave Greece the opportunity to save it from the abyss (for the time being). Personally, I don’t believe there will ever be an agreement. The Greek Marxist will ruin it for Greece. The Marxist Greeks are the uneducated, unsophisticated, dregs of Greek society. These people are simply stupid.

    Throughout history Greece has been a divided country. They have been fighting among themselves for centuries. The only time Greeks unite is against a common enemy. The bottom line is Greeks are their own worst enemy. They cut their nose off, to spite their face. They blame everyone else for their problems, and they never want to admit it’s their fault. I’m not talking about responsible Greeks, I’m talking about irresponsible ones.

    Some of the Greeks that are irresponsible right now, would be responsible if they had a job. They are angry at the world, and have nothing to lose, so they have a “scorch the earth attitude”.

    The EU is out of it’s mind if it just hands this degenerate, irresponsible, corrupt, Greek government any money. I don’t think that will happen, because as I said, I think the Marxist Greeks will get everyone mad at Greece, and no loan takes place. That of course will throw Greece right off the financial cliff. However, Greeks need to take responsibility for their bad decisions.

  4. Try reading the article a little slower, that may help the light bulb to come on. If not, have someone with average intelligence read it to you, and explain.

  5. the US will forever own Germany

    the US does not want

    1) Greece to fall into Russia’s hands, rightfully so as Greece is an important member of NATO (one of only 3 NATO countries to spend the NATO target of 2% military spending of GDP every year) with arguably the most important geographic military base in the world in Souda Bay and

    2) the US knows Deutsche Bank is one of the least capitalized banks in the world with the largest derivative exposure in the world at 75 trillion. If Greece goes, then Portugal, Spain, Italy, France etc, so does Deutsche Bank, and then you have another AIG on your hands but 10x worse

  6. It will be the ppl. in eurozone who pay the bill, there is no mistake about that.
    Here the vat was raised by 2% and the age for retitrement in a few years will be 67, it took in the Netherlands about 3 months legalize that.
    In Greece it seems to be a disaster if i must believe the population.
    Tax on real estate they never heard of it untill now there, i pay 1200 euro a year just for an ordinary house.
    Taxes are here from 42 to 50% without any hassle for the working man, austerity of elderly, etc etc.
    I could go on for a while.
    Is there ONE Greek in Greece realizing that ordinary ppl. in other countries pay for their mess they created the last 10 years?
    I didn’t hear not one on the numerous tv. broadcastings about the Greek crisis mentioning that.

  7. Uhhhhhh, sorry. Greece is not that important to the U.S.. The U.S. would like Greece to be an ally. However, the U.S. does not want a two faced ally. If Greece attempts to play Russia against the EU, NATO, or the U.S., Greece will be history in NATO, and any future relations with the U.S..

    The U.S. is the only nation is the world with the navy that can project power worldwide. Russia’s Navy is not 1/5th the size what the U.S. Navy is. In addition, the U.S. Navy is light years ahead in technology.

    There are plenty of seaports the U.S. could replace Greece’s seaport. Greece needs the U.S.. The U.S. does not need Greece. If Greece is out of NATO, Turkey becomes a problem for Greece. Russia, nor China would challenge Turkey in any conflict as Turkey is a NATO member. The U.S. is sworn to defend NATO members.

  8. What deal? The deal where we get even more money that we can’t pay back? Without debt relief all that will occur is even deeper losses to creditors down the road. Now that Marxist idiot Tsipiras has flipflopped and accept cuts there isn’t much else Greece can do. It;s actually some EU leaders that aren’t doing their part. Instead of just agreeing to cut debt, they are pandering to their own populists with ridiculous assurances there will be no debt relief. How will Greece pay back more loans if it can’t even pay back current ones? Have they discovered a way to change the laws of mathematics?

  9. Dragasakis has mistaken the IMF arguing for debt relief as a sign that Obama supports Marxist Syriza. From IMF perspective they are just arguing numbers. They know Greece can’t pay its current debt load so how some in the EU think Greece will pay a debt load with yet another 100B Euros on top of it is plain bizarre. (i.e. pandering to populists in their own country with tough talk much like Tsipiras behaves)

    A responsible politicians would say.. we have to right off x number of dollars to enable Greece to have a interest included surplus but to knowledge the obvious would be very unpopular in their own countries. (much like Tsipiras saying we have to make cuts is unpopular in Greece).

  10. The U.S. only gave Greece the chance to stay in the euro as it wanted. The U.S. stopped Germany from kicking Greece out of the euro. However, the U.S. agrees, and understands Germany’s concern about Greece’s failure to live up to it’s agreements, as well as responsible money management.

    The U.S. agrees the Greek debt is unsustainable. The U.S. also believes the Greek government is the one to blame for the situation it is in. No one else caused this but Greece.

    The U.S. does NOT agree with the Greeks that fail to take responsibility for their bad decisions, and blame others.

    The U.S. also suggested reforms in Greece’s laws to encourage business, and investment. Which has been what I have been saying all along.

  11. Greece hasn’t been doing that though. And yes, Greece is the most important place in the world Geographically so the US does need Greece as an ally. I don’t understand why you do not understand the concept of symbiosis.

    Which seaports then? There are NONE closer to the middle east. Look at the Map.

    Let’s not forget that it was the US that was a 2 faced ally when the criminal Kissinger and his CIA agent minions like Papadopoulos allowed Turkey to invade Cyprus.

  12. The American Hellenic Institute (AHI) condemns the egregious violation of Greek airspace by six Turkish fighter jets on July 15, 2015. According to Kathimerini, the formation carried out a total of 20 transgressions which led to one dogfight as two of the aircraft were armed. Greek aircraft chased off the Turkish jets.

    “As advocates for the rule of law, we condemn this egregious act perpetrated by one NATO-member country upon another,” AHI President Nick Larigakis said. “And although these violations are unfortunately nothing new, the degree of escalation of this specific incident was extraordinary, especially given the challenges Greece is facing with regard to its debt crisis. It is completely unacceptable for one NATO ally to take advantage another NATO ally’s domestic situation in order to act with hostility which creates instability between two neighbors.”

    He added, “Greece’s geostrategic importance to the United States, NATO, and the European Union is unquestioned and for Greece to be subjected to these unnecessary and provocative acts, and their consequences, is unacceptable, and we call on the United States, NATO, and European Union to condemn Turkey’s actions.”

    According to Larigakis, the Greek military spends approximately 10,000 Euros per hour to operate one F-16 aircraft, which is typically used to chase Turkish jets out of Greece’s airspace.

    “These numbers could amount to approximately one billion euros per year in excess costs at a time when the Greek military can ill afford it,” Larigakis said, citing that one of the demands by Greece’s Eurozone partners was that it cut 200 million euro from its defense budget in 2016.

    oh and Greece is one of only 3 NATO countries to spend the NATO taget of 2% of gdp on military even throughout the depressions

    about that 2 face and the oth to defend NATO allies………

  13. Do you know what Aggressor Viper Driver means ? Look up the 527th Aggressor Squadron, and what an aggressor pilot is. I was an aggressor pilot, and that was my squadron, in my younger years. I flew the “Viper” (F-16). So I hope you’re not going to start making up garbage about military aircraft, violation of airspace, etc.. because I will make you look even more foolish, than I already have.

    Greece’s claim is a matter of dispute. Greece claims 10 miles of airspace off the coast. Turkey recognizes only 6 miles airspace from Greek territory. Turkey has NOT violated the 6 mile airspace border. In addition, Greek fighters didn’t chase anyone off. They may have escorted the Turkish fighters, but they did not chase them off. I escorted plenty of Soviet fighters when stationed in the U.K.. If you attempt to engage an adversary, while escorting an adversary, there WILL be a fight, and someone will get hurt.

    As for Greece’s F-16s ?. The U.S. has been subsidizing (paying) the cost of operating the Greek F-16s. Your Greek defense minister just ran to the U.S. begging for $400,000.000.00 million U.S. dollars of U.S. taxpayer money to upgrade some of Greece’s weapons systems. Then this jerk Greek defence minister, flies back to Greece, and brags in the Greek media, how he told the U.S., Greece and Russia would do business together. That’s the thanks the U.S. gets for helping Greece. The U.S. does not need that kind of thanks, or that kind of ally.

  14. “because I will make you look even more foolish, than I already have.” you claimed the US liberated Greece, which they never did, and then you later claimed to someone else this was not true by saying that the UK was there, the same UK which praised the Greek Resistance ad naseum

    then you told lies about the US educational system where an undergrad degree was 4-6 years and a masters was 6-8 years (even though even an MBA is 3 years max full time)

    then you called me a liar about varoufakis and I literally gave you the exact source from the university of texas where they said he was an econ visiting professors there

    tell me, when the US gives 5 billion/year to Israel and the countless billions to other countries, do you call those countries “begging”? the 400mln was a contract where Greece is paying the US

    your experience flying has nothing to do with the Turkish violation of Greek airspace on a daily basis

    so bc Turkey claims 6, that is correct?

    look up previous accidents between Greece and Turkey where someone has gotten hurt

    why do you hate Greece and Greeks so much?