Greek Government Announces Cabinet Reshuffle

New-Cabinet1 The Greek government announced a cabinet reshuffle on Friday evening, after multiple delays.

The new administration is the following:

– Prime Minister: Alexis Tsipras

– Government Vice President: Giannis Dragasakis

– State Ministry: State Minister Nikos Pappas, Transparency Minister Panagiotis Nikoloudis, Government Work Coordination Minister Alekos Flabouraris, Deputy Minister Terence Quick

– Economy, Infrastructure, Maritime and Tourism Ministry: Minister Giorgos Stathakis, Maritime Deputy Minister Thodoris Dritsas, Tourism Deputy Minister Elena Kountoura, Deputy Minister Christos Spirtzis

– Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Ministry: Minister Nikos Voutsis,  Public Order and Civil Protection Deputy Minister Giannis Panousis, Deputy Minister Christoforos Vernardakis, Vice Minister Tasia Christodoulopoulou, Vice Minister Maria Kollia-Tsaroucha, Deputy Minister Pavlos Polakis

– Finance Ministry: Minister Euclid Tsakalotos, Deputy Minister Trifon Alexiadis, Deputy Minister Dimitris Mardas

– Defense Ministry: Minister Panos Kammenos, Deputy Minister Dimitris Vitsas, Vice Minister Nikos Toskas

– Foreign Ministry: Minister Nikos Kotzias, Deputy Minister Sia Anagnostopoulou, Deputy Minister Giannis Amanatidis

– Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Ministry: Minister Panos Skourletis, Deputy Minister Giannis Tsironis, Deputy Minister Vangelis Apostolou, Vice Minister Panagiotis Sgouridis

– Justice Transparency and Human Rights Ministry: Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos,  Deputy Minister Dimitris Papagelopoulos

– Labor Ministry: Minister George Katrougalos, Deputy Minister Theano Fotiou, Deputy Minister Rania Antonopoulou, Deputy Minister: Pavlos Haikalis

– Health and Social Security Ministry: Minister Panagiotis Kouroublis, Deputy Minister Andreas Xanthos

– Culture, Education and Religion Ministry: Minister Aristidis Baltas, Deputy Minister Tasos Kourakis, Research and innovation Deputy Minister Kostas Fotakis, Sports Deputy Minister Stavros Kontonis, Deputy Minister Nikos Xydakis

– Government Spokesperson: Olga Gerovasili

– Parliamentary Spokespersons: Nikos FilisGavriil SakelaridisAlexandros Triantafilidis

By the order of the Prime Minister, a Special Committee to Combat Corruption is proposed, under State Minister Panagiotis Nikoloudis.The Deputy Finance Minister responsible for revenue Trifon Alexiadis, Deputy Minister of Interior and Administrative Reconstruction Pavlos Polakis, Deputy Minister of Justice, Transparency and Human Rights Dimitris Papagelopoulos and Deputy Minister to the Prime Minister, responsible for the coordination of the government’s work, Terence Quick will participate in the Committee.


  1. Well, now we’re talking progress. Maybe, just maybe, the light bulb in Mr, Tsipras’s head may be starting to come on. Hopefully, he realizes Karl Marx’s logic was seriously flawed.

  2. Sad that Tsipras has sunk to this. he could have shown some spine, perhaps begun to re-establish some faith among supporters, if INSTEAD he had called a meeting with all of the (logical) NO voters of Syriza and started to rebuild bridges.

    Instead he chose a well-trodden road which has not served any PM well: a reshuffle indicates he has lost control of his party, replaced those who challenge with ‘yes men’, and is struggling to just not get kicked out of his chair (which he will, of course, as history shows this path to lead to the PM’s eventual ouster).

    The argument that he is taking control of his party is a joke. In order for him to stay on as PM, he must lead a Chimera government; and he has shown neither the talent nor the will to handle such a task.

    Time for Greece to exit; the cots of remaining the the Eurozone is far too high. I would be interested in seeing a poll of Greeks as to that question NOW. 4 weeks ago, it was 57% wanting to remain.

    I bet it is far less now, as it slowly dawns on people the true cost of remaining,

  3. Maybe Alexis can borrow Antonis hot line phone to expedite jailing a few of his more “radical” MPs and former cabinet members.

  4. Eliminate welfare unless it is voluntarily given, be accountable in quantifying and only spending money taken as taxes for what it has been supported for spending by taxpayers and move to a completely user pays economy.
    Private enterprise must completely take over all economic activity in Greece and the provision of all goods and services, this will be a much more accountable and viable economy.

  5. Introduce legislation to completely eliminate welfare, all pensions must be paid for from private superannuation funds to which people have contributed and all unemployment welfare should come from private insurance companies that can issue insurance policies that cover people for unemployment benefits.
    Those who do not contribute shall have to rely on support from their families or relatives, this will move Greece forward to complete self sufficiency and prosperity.

  6. Pavlos Haikalis Deputy Minister in the Labor Ministry??? What does he know about Labor laws??? He is an actor…

  7. Tsipras should have stuck to his campaign promises and kept his word. He obviously didn’t and woefully failed at negotiating any relief from austerity. All he can do now to give the appearance of a cabinet is to fill empty seats with sycophants of limited knowledge or experience. In political terms, he has joined the walking dead. He will be lucky if his government makes it to a one year anniversary before being ousted.

  8. Without having any information on the topic, I want to ask, just because someone is an actor or whatever, does that mean they know nothing about anything else?
    Everyone who’s commenting here and expressing strong opinions of how things should be done are politicians and know all the laws? I hardly think so.
    Maybe Haikalis know more than the rest of them. Being an actor doesn’t mean anything.

  9. “I would be interested in seeing a poll of Greeks as to that question NOW. 4 weeks ago, it was 57% wanting to remain.”

    TotaIIy agree. Yet this is the one poII no one ever conducts. Instead “poIIs” inside other poIIs now show 75% supporting the euro….as if the Iast 4 weeks drove support UP.


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