Greece’s Former Energy Minister Commits to Changing SYRIZA Policy

Panagiotis LafazanisGreece’s former Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis criticized the bailout deal that Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has agreed to.

Lafazanis, leader of SYRIZA’s so-called Left Platform, made his comments in an interview to Greek newspaper Agora and an article he penned for newspaper “Ta Nea.”

Lafazanis was sacked from his Ministerial post after voting against the bailout deal in parliament. However, Lafazanis told Agora that he refuses to leave his position as a SYRIZA MP and vowed to fight for changing the party line and resisting new Memoranda.

In his article, Lafazanis claimed he could never vote for a new bailout deal with more austerity measures.

“Blackmail, even if it is as blatant and harsh as the one of the EU neo-colonizers, it is not always a sufficient reason for retreat,” he wrote.


  1. Hopefully the salary and perks will be a little less for Mr. Lafazanis as a humble MP instead of being a minister. But it is surely more beneficial being a MP rather than a nobody, as he would have become if he had the decency to leave.

  2. Greece is going to be in trouble as sxoon as use euros. Now that took the money is better to start using drama until grow again because after 6 months it will be cheaper and with more tourism and it can do things that EU want without being heart more and spend fast the euros

  3. Given the opportunity Lafazanis and many others like him will leave the sinking SYRIZA ship. The government is too new the PM morally weak barely holding the coalition with platitudes, PR rhetoric, threats and absolutely no idea what to do next. Had they been in power longer and the party better established it may have survived Tsipras’ tenure. Watch as the schism widens between the “so-called” Left Platform and what’s left of SYRIZA’s mainstream hardliners.

  4. He’s a college drop-out. Sure it’s better being MP instead of making 500 euros like the rest of us and getting taxed for 5,000 a year.

  5. Lafazanis did not do anything other than state the obvious, Greece was unable to meet the interest bill on the existing loans let alone using a new loan wich will increase debt and the interest bill, the Europeans are so incompetent if they can’t see this themselves and Tsipras has been pushed into a further mistake.

  6. Mr Lafazanis has more dignity in his little finger than Tsipras has in his whole body. Im thrilled, as are others that he has decided to stay on as an MP.

  7. Lafazanis clearly doesn’t mind accepting less perks or money. I don’t think a man such as he is, underestimates the value of common decency within a parliament. Your sarcasm thinktank, reveals your low level ignorance.

  8. I am glad Lafazanis is sticking around. Varoufakis should as well. It is the only way Syriza can save itself. Perhaps form a stronger tie with To Kinima.

  9. Tom soon after it became apparent there was an impasse in the negotiations and Varoufakis was booted because he would be the “spoiler” as Tsipras was about to capitulate, the whole idea was to kick the empty worthless can down the road once again using another bailout-breather. The Eurocrats backed by the bankers did not want a Grexit now, especially while millions of their citizens were vacationing in Greece. Some time within the next 36 months probably sooner, there will be new names at the table facing the same old problem. Merkel, Hollande, Juncker and the other jokers do not know how to face their failure. They will “retire” from the scene and some poor souls will be stuck with this mess of fiscal stupidity.


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