Greek Deputy FinMin: Banks Will Reopen on Monday

Greek Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas said on Friday that all banks will open on Monday, offering a wide range of services, although a 60-euro daily cash restriction will remain.

In a radio interview, Mardas said that banks will be able to offer more services to customers but only on an accounting form, such as money transfers from one account to another bank account. This will also include bank checks and bills.

Transactions will be made normally but no cash will be paid. The only exception will be made for exporting enterprises, shipping companies and tourist enterprises that are bringing new money in the country and can use only 80% of this money for their payment obligations.

Mardas said that credit cards can be normally used abroad, although no cash can be raised from ATMs, while he stressed that the government is trying to resolve some problems with roaming and other services, such as Google. He said that a Ministerial decision next week will address these issues, mostly concerning telecommunication services.

(source: ana-mpa)