Greek Government Holds Back on Early Retirement and Farmer Taxation Legislation

Tsipras_vouliThe Greek parliament will convene on Wednesday to vote on the second round of measures and reforms included in the bailout deal Greece made with international creditors.

Two delicate measures, changes in early retirement and tax hikes on farmers, will not be included in this week’s package.

The cohesiveness of the Greek government is hanging by a thread as only 123 out of the 162 government MPs voted in favor of bailout legislation last week. The measures on farmer taxation and early retirements would have potentially tested the administration even further.

Though the legislation is likely to be ratified due to the support from the opposition, the government must ensure that 120 government MPs vote in favor of it.

“The 120 votes in favor is the least political and moral limit for bills to be approved and the confirmation of trust to this government,” Greek Interior Minister Nikos Voutsis had said.

Government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili said that these two measures were not scheduled to be voted on this week, to begin with. reports that the European Commission also said that neither of these two measures were to be voted on in this week’s package. Instead, they must be ratified by the parliament on August 5.

On Wednesday the parliament will have to adopt changes in the civil justice system, which would make court proceedings faster.

Greek lawmakers will also have to endorse the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD), which is a European Union measure and outlines how banks should prepare for financial crises as well as what measures must be taken if a bank goes insolvent.


  1. This entire matter is the wholesale undermining of Greece’s sovereignty. At this point why doesn’t the government just hand over the keys to Parliament and let the Germans run the country. Capitulation for Tsipras’ government means bend grab your knees and take what’s coming to you without so much as a fight.

  2. seriously

    i am keeping hope by telling myself that maybe they are planning for something, as opposed to previously where everything varoufakis said and predicted was correct, but he did not have a plan ready to execute

    we shall see but this is a disgrace


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