OECD Proposes Ban of Draft Tsipouro in Greece

tsipouroIn its second “toolkit” for the Greek economy, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) has suggested that among the various reforms Greece should undertake is the prohibition of the sale of draft tsipouro, a traditional Greek alcoholic spirit that is produced though grape marc distillation.

The Greek government agreed to implement the OECD “toolkit” recommendations as part of the bailout deal.

Though tsipouro is mass-produced in Greece, it has been predominantly homemade throughout Greek history. Certain kinds of tsipouro have a similar taste to another popular Greek spirit called ouzo.

According to Greek newspaper “Kathimerini,” in 2013, a committee within Greece’s Finance Ministry had estimated that 17 million litres of illegal draft tsipouro were being produced and sold annually without being taxed. As a result, the Greek state misses out on approximately 97 million euros per year and competition among producers is unfair. The OECD estimates that there are 24 million litres of trispouro circulating annually in Greece.

The “toolkit” suggests that if the ban on draft tsipouro sales is not implemented, small producers of draft tsipouro should produce taxation documents.


  1. my late grand fathers will both arise from the dead and take up arms – one happily made his own and both happily drank it; this and the crap about removing the cross from the flag is clearly outside the jurisdictional interests of these cretinous bullies and will NOT be tolerated


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