Bloomberg Poll: 71% of Economists Believe Grexit Will Happen by the End of 2016


Greece’s presence in the Eurozone could be secure for now, but it is far from guaranteed in the future, according to economists.

According to a Bloomberg poll, 71% of 34 economists said there will be a Grexit by the end of 2016.

At the same time 70% of the respondents said Greece is in the clear for 2015. However, 50% believe that Greece’s 86-billion-euro bailout package will prove to be insufficient.

The main areas of concern are the sustainability of the Greek debt and the refusal to restructure it as well as the implications of implementing even more austerity.

Peter Dixon, global economist at Commerzbank AG in London, said that any deal that does not include some kind of debt relief will not be enough.

“Loading additional loans onto a country which cannot afford to repay them, corresponds to Einstein’s definition of insanity: Trying the same thing over and over again in the expectation of different results,” he added.


  1. Tspiras ridiculously assured his idiotic far leftist supporters he would roll back cuts. Now it’s EU leaders hamming it up to their own local morons by telling them there were be no debt relief. How exactly Greece is supposed to pay back additional billions in loans when it can’t even pay the current loans is a mystery of the ages.

  2. Actually by the end of 2015 would be more correct, this is a plan to create a conditions to make sure it is an orderly exit.

  3. Boomberg, another talking head media outlet. What do economist know about running a country, or business ? Answer : nothing.

  4. Debt relief is not a voting issue for idiotic populists in other nations any more than rolling back cuts was a voting issue for Tspiras idiotic flock. If Greece can’t pay its debts because it has too much debt that’s all there is to it. Mathematics doesn’t care about popular opinion.

  5. Those in Brussels are voted by the ppl. and those have enough of Greece’s debt relief, if they dont accept another bail out anymore there will be no debt relief, as you can see how Merckel turns around this point, she knows when she accepts debt relief it ends for her, and thats not just for Merckel, for the other leaders too.
    Mathematic is also: who has the most votes next time has the most power.

  6. Whenever the Eurozone lets some country in there union they should be sure that country as a whole knows what it’s doing. The fact is the big time Eurozone wanted to feed off the new comer Greece. The Euro and British capitalists are shysters; the British try this in America and Canada but we say no.

  7. Votes cannot overrule asthmatics. If Greece doesn’t have money to pay now it certainly won’t have money to pay another 86 billion Euro. EU policians that claim there will be no debt relief are liars pandering to populists like Tspiras did.

  8. Yes you are fully right, the debt relief will come in a form eu worthy namely conning their own ppl. longer times, perhaps up to 60 years repay and an interest of nothing so that they can say to their ppl. “see, we didn’t gave debt relief”.
    But the voters are no fools, they will remember that, the solidarity amongst the eurozone countries is there but the one who needs it should act to solve his problems.
    So going on like this is very bad for the eurozone, the “common” ppl. in the zone see that they are swindled by their own politicians, they economized and their money is transferred to Greece for a part, or to the banks Greece has a debt to.
    You cannot explain that to millions of ppl. this is the beginning of the end of the euzone if its going on and on like this.


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