Corruption Still Abundant in Greece’s Public Sector

rakiGreece’s General Inspector of Public Administration reported that corruption, mismanagement and impunity continue to characterize the country’s public sector.

In his annual report, General Inspector Leandros Rakintzis reported that measures that should have been instituted in 2014 never took place, therefore Greece’s public sector remains steeped in mismanagement, corruption and impunity. In his report he uses several examples of cases where serious offenses and crimes were committed by public sector employees who were never punished or even disciplined.

Some measures that were not taken are:

The establishment of locality impediment to officials in critical sectors such as justice, police, coast guard, tax office, real estate state services, urban planning, inspection, etc. As a result, local citizens get preferential treatment.

Allocation of powers and human resources per institution or service in accordance with the real needs. For that, new organization charts are needed including design and job description.

The establishment of internal human resources mobility, alternately in positions of responsibility, for better functioning of the service for the public interest.

The privatization of those areas of the State, not conforming to its role as imperium, without the State losing its regulatory role.

Unionists must be restricted only to their purely trade union duties.

The strengthening of mechanisms and control systems both in central and local government, with substantial and effective control of the Decentralized Administration in Local Authorities and their dependent legal persons.

The placement of employes to another department when they are promoted, because many times they are unable to exercise authority on employees who were previously their colleagues.


  1. didn’t Tsipras promise to clean up corruption or was that a lie along with his promise to cut austerity

  2. Let me put it this way. I will know when Greece has an honest leader, with morals, and values, when I start seeing Greek government officials going to jail. Not only going to jail, but staying in jail for several years, instead of being released by a corrupt judge within two weeks.

  3. This is certainly not going to change with SYRIZA being in power. They are namely the protectors of the civil servants, and opposed in the past many times to any reforms regarding the public sector. They are a nasty mixture of an ’80ies PASOK and a leftist government.

  4. I’d like to know how much it cost and how long it took to come to this conclusion, and secondly how will Tsipras tackle the corruption or will he back down because there is no other option but just to accept it.

  5. What’s really ironic is that most of the corruption in the public sector is done by leftists and that most of the corruption it the private sector is also done by leftists. (including rampent tax evasion)

    This is because those on the right tend to appreciate the hard work goes into making an honest dollar whereas those on the left tend to self-righteously expect others to give them money. Leftists narrate themselves as “victims” to morally justify their thievery.

  6. Tsipras and Syriza have no intention of reforming the civil service. They want to replace ND and Pasok appointees with their own people. Faces will change; the system will not improve.

  7. The new managing director of the Athens Water and Sewage Company (EYDAP) 
    Yiannis Benisis, is facing accusations of having being given his current position due to his strong connections with SYRIZA – his partner is SYRIZA’s Attica Governor Rena Dourou.

    Radical Leftist SYRIZA is nothing but PASOK 2.0 and the Greek people will soon dump the Radical Leftist SYRIZA party into the dustbin of history just like they did to PASOK which now struggles to pass the minimum 3% national support required to enter parliament.

  8. You will only see corrupt politicians, all of which belong to New Democracy, PASOK, SYRIZA, To Potami and KKE going to prison for minimum 25 year jail sentences, and having their assets siezed by the state, if GD leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos is elected Prime Minister of Greece.
    The Greek police financial crimes unit SDOE investigated the GD party finances and GD MPs personal finances and found them to be completely clean. Why won’t ND, PASOK, SYRIZA, To Potami and KKE agree to have their party and personal finances investigated by SDOE?

    Golden Dawn is the ONLY political party that DOESN’T RECEIVE state funding.

    New Democracy owes €105 million to the state-operated ATEbank, which had to be taken over by Piraeus because of bad loans, and €15 million to Piraeus Bank. PASOK borrowed €97 million from ATEbank, along with €22 million from Attica Bank, €10 million from Marfin and €5 million from Piraeus. WHERE HAS ALL THAT MONEY GONE? (Figures from January 2013.)

  9. I guess the State Prosecutors have far more important things to do than prosecute corrupt Greek MPs that have embezzled millions of taxpayers euros.

    On Tuesday night GD MP Ioannis Lagos was returned to Attica’s high-security Korydallos Prison, from which he was freed in March following the completion of the mandatory 18-month maximum in pre-trial custody, after he allegedly violated the terms of his release. On three occasions documented by authorities, the MP is alleged to have failed to return to his home, which is under police surveillance, VISITING 2 BARS, STAYING IN A HOTEL ONE NIGHT AND VISITING GD’s PARTY OFFICES in Perama on another occasion.

    Greek State Prosecutors think its reasonable to put a GD MP in prison after he’s already served 18 months pre-trial detention because he had a drink at 2 bars, stayed in a hotel one night, and visited party offices, but it is ok to ignore the REAL CRIMINALS who destroyed the Greek economy, like ex-PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos who hid the Lagarde list in his desk for 2 years.

    In this link it says in 2013 when SYRIZA was in opposition they lost a bid to have prime suspect Venizelos investigated in the submarine scandal. The QUESTION people should be asking now is why after 6 months in power won’t SYRIZA move to have Venizelos investigated? The answer is because SYRIZA is just as corrupt as PASOK. The Greek people are now getting a daily taste of Radical Leftist treason and corruption.

  10. No one will ever go to jail from them scumbags politicians because they are protected by the Greek Constitution which gives them immunity from prosecution. This is the reason why this country is full of corrupt politicians including our civil servants in all government sectors.

  11. can we put Tsipras in jail for wasting money and holding a pointless referendum and lying about cutting austerity?

  12. he will back down as Tsipras has no integrity and is more corrupt than anything i have seen – we does he not resign and why does he push through austerity?

  13. It’s not just politicians that are corrupt. Its also millions of corrupt vultures that sell their vote to highest bidder in hopes of getting government handouts. It’s millions that abuse the system in some way (working for cash under the table, avoiding paying vat, using government services in appropriately)

    This is not to say some of our politicians (not all) don’t hold responsibility for our problems but 300 politicians for all our problems is precisely why the real problems never get addresses .The main problem is to be found among the Greek people. Too many Greeks are useless whiners that expect politicians to save them.