Greek Parliament President: Greece is Facing a Coup

Zoi KonstantopoulouGreek Parliament President Zoe Konstantopoulou said that Greek democracy is being strangled.

Konstantopoulou addressed the 10th World Hellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) conference on Tuesday and spoke about the events that have followed Greece’s agreement with international creditors on July 13.

WHIA is an organization staffed by people of Greek heritage who are elected legislature members in non-Greek speaking countries.

Greece, according to Konstantopoulou, is facing a coup, as it is being obliged to follow the orders of other Eurozone leaders.

The Greek Parliament must legislate prior actions that were agreed to with international creditors on July 13 to secure a bailout deal that will bring 86 billion euros to the country. These actions include austerity measures and structural reforms. The parliament already voted on a first package on July 15 and will vote on another one on July 22.

“Suffocating deadlines have been set, for July 15 and July 22, when the parliament is being called to legislate, in reality to legislate when MPs are unable to discuss or study the legislation or express their opinion,” she said.

Konstantopoulou was one of the 38 SYRIZA dissidents who did not vote in favor of the deal on July 15.

She also argued that based on the findings of a Committee of Truth, German WWII reparations owed to Greece surpass the level of the Greek debt.

After emphasizing the importance of solidarity, Konstantopoulou called on those present at the WHIA conference to act in order to prevent this coup and derail the plan that wants to enslave people to financial and banking systems.


  1. That is one mean looking, ugly woman. The possibility of waking up each morning, with that lying beside you, should be a terrifying thought to any man.

  2. Setting deadlines is something i hope Brussels learnt from previous loans, lets hope they stick to them this time.

  3. Living proof that intelligence bears no relation to common sense or reality staring you in the face. This woman could be hit by a bus and still blame the EU.

  4. No, she doesn’t. She is part of the irresponsible, and ignorant, Greeks that are destroying Greece. Very stupid woman.

  5. Wrong. Good qualities in a government legislature are intelligence, experience, management skills, problem solving skills, ethics, morals. This woman possess none of those qualities.

    Instead, she has a criminal mind. She is willing to steal by declaring loans illegal. That loan money did not belong to Greece. Her criminal mind went further when she, and the other moron Varoufakis threatened to print counterfeit euros.

    If that is what irresponsible Greeks believe are good qualities, then they deserve to suffer their fate.


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