Reasons Why Foreign Tourists Should Visit Greece

santorini-touristsFamous travel website Conde Nast Traveler invited readers to visit Greece for their summer holidays, despite the crisis. In an article entitled “Why we’re still traveling to Greece this summer,” journalist Mark Ellwood noted that now, more than ever, the country is in dire need of tourism revenue, so he urged tourists not to cancel their trips, offering certain tips on traveling responsibly.

Although Ellwood noted that he is looking forward to his own trip to Greece, he understands that many tourists might have some concerns about spending their vacation in a place as troubled as Greece. However, “despite the headline-grabbing photos of lines beside empty ATMs and “Oxi” banners, my friends in Athens say life feels oddly normal there; doubtless, it’s much the same on the islands, which already seem so disconnected from reality,” he wrote.

“When tourist-dependent destinations suffer such setbacks, the best way we can help isn’t hand-wringing or charity donations—it’s to book a trip there that pours money into the economy,” he added.

He went on to describe Greece as Thailand after the 2004 tsunami, where tourists where mocked and criticized for staying after the natural disaster. However, their decision significantly contributed to the country’s reconstruction.

“Booking a trip to Greece this summer isn’t solely a do-gooding gesture either. 2015 was already an appealing time to visit Europe, with the euro predicted to reach parity with the dollar for the first time. The uncertainty in Greece has pushed those euro prices on hotels even lower,” he added.

As for how tourists will be able to pay for things while in the country, Ellwood suggested that they bring cash with them, both in dollars and euros, while he advised foreign tourists not to be biased and enjoy their time under the Greek sun.


  1. Germans are not coming, only big number of Tourists actually coming from believe it or not from Turkey

  2. I dont know at the end of the season how much turists visited Greece and how much they spent.
    If there will be an plausibe buro of statistics over there we will see.
    The vat raise wont help that much i supose.

  3. seriously what’s your problem. why all the negativity towards Greece and Greeks?

    the EU just gave themselves loans as nearly all the bridge financing loan of 7 bln went to the IMF and the ECB. Greeks are not in the street insulting Europeans.

    this will be a record year for Greek tourism (already 8 mln thru June vs 6.4 million last year with bookings increasing significantly) . US travel agencies have not black listed Greece. can you source your claim? it will be a record year for US tourism to Greece

    even Germany will set a record year for tourists to Greece

    where in Greece do you live?

    Florida does not have nice beaches and esp compared to Greece and many other places in the world. It is flat with no scenery

    Florida attracts primarily american tourists that don’t have to travel far and is open all year long. the greek tourism season is primarily april – september . this is apples and oranges

  4. With thousands of businesses closing, the question is will there be shops and restaurants open for tourists to patronize and WILL they pay VAT? My observation is tourist shops-restaurants are open but the clientele strongly resist paying VAT. For most tourists this is discretionary spending on a tight budget. Good luck realizing revenue targets from VAT.

  5. Yes I believe you. They are often referred to as Regular and Irregular MIGRANTS. The Turkish human traffickers (you call them travel agents), are having a banner year maybe they can cruise-float over to Greece where we can have a special party to show them our appreciation before putting them back out to sea.

  6. Thats a matter of the Greek gov. i dont know what Brussels will do if the revenues are lesser then what they estimated.
    Of course there will be a lot of “sabotage” not paying taxes in any way its notorious theme aint it?

  7. You don’t even live in Greece. I do. You obviously live in a fantasy world. Tourism has been very bad here in Greece.

  8. tell us where you live then so we can verify your propoganda.

    because I KNOW tourism is doing very well in many locations

  9. you haven’t proven anything. just empty Greek hating rhetoric. shall we go into whether US troops were in Greece when it was liberated from Germany again?

    Florida had 15 million international tourists in 2014 in 12 months. Greece had 24 million in 6 months

    Florida has nowhere near the beaches and natural beauty that Greece does. Greece is 90% mountains and if you actually lived in Greece you would know that Greece has much more wildlife than Florida does. This isn’t a knock on Florida which is nice but this is an apple and orange comparison with Greece having way more natural beauty . It’s not even close

    which travel agency? give us your sources then. I am not lying. I have given you the numbers already through June 2015 and I know what is happening in Greece.

    I’ve lived in both countries actually including South Florida

    Florida weather is disgusting and humid from May – November. In Greece you can ski in February as well as swim in some southern areas. Can you do the same in Florida? didn’t think so

  10. also tell me

    how was florida’s economy doing 2006-2009. ground zero for the american subprime crisis and also ground zero for the largest money laundering operation in the world – US real estate. they are also in another bubble

    how humane of you making snide remarks about people’s and a country’s economic situation

  11. There is not one item in your comment, that even resembles the truth. First, you’ve NEVER lived in South Florida, because what you’re claiming about South Florida, is not even close to the truth.

    I lived in Sarasota, Fl. one of the wealthiest, and most beautiful cities in the U.S.. The winters in Florida are 24 degrees celsius or more in February. Down in Miami, it’s even warmer. You don’t have anything like that in Greece, no matter how far south you go. So your claim on that subject is false.

    As for number of beaches. Florida has more square miles of beaches than Greece has. Look it up. Florida is a peninsula, which means it’s surrounded by water. Florida is also much larger than Greece. Greece has 11 million people. Florida, has 19 million people. As far as islands ? Ever hear of the Florida Keys ? So you’re wrong again.

    Florida has infinitely more nature, and wild animal life, than Greece has, which people travel from all over the world to see. Greece has pigeons, and chickens. So your wildlife claim is another goofy claim by you. It’s not even close. So again, what you claimed is false.

    But here is your biggest lie you told. The number of tourists visiting Florida in 2014 in ONLY 6 months, was over 97 million tourists in 6 months, NOT 12 months. Again, that’s over 97 million tourists that visited Florida in 2014 in 6 months. Look it up. Your lying is pathological. You just make garbage up to fit your false claim.

    The U.S. isn’t just Florida. Mountains ? You want mountains. Ever hear of the Grand Canyon ? One of the seven wonders of the world. We have real mountains in the U.S. and some of the best skiing in the world is done in Vail, Colorado.

    One of your other false claims of many, was you lied about Varoufakis’s credentials, as well as other subjects, which I’ve proven you wrong over, and over again, with facts.

    Now I’m going to do it again. The Greek Reporter just did an article regarding travel agencies, begging people NOT to cancel their travel plans to Greece.

    Why are these travel agencies doing this ? Because people are are cancelling their plans in huge numbers. Travel agency organizations DON’T go out and spend money on high cost advertising, in a PR attempt to stop something from happening, unless something really bad is happening. That something bad happening right now, happens to be tourists cancelling their travel plans to Greece.

    So obviously, all that garbage you made up, which you have a habit of doing……………… simply not true. This is just another classic example of your false claims. Checkmate.

  12. You are a classic example of the problem in Greece. Dealing with reality, failing to face the truth, and deal with it, and when presented the truth make excuses. You continue to live in your delusional world.

    Your comparison of Florida 2006 – 2009 to Greece’s current financial situation is laughable. For starters, you’re wrong on the years. It was 2008 when the recession bubble hit in Florida. You can’t get anything right, can you ?

    Second, to compare a short recessionary period in Florida, to Greece’s bankruptcy, again clearly demonstrates your poor education, as well as your ignorance. Florida has recovered, and is doing well. Greece is not, and has not been for many years.

    What does Florida’s economy have to do with Greece’s bankruptcy ? The answer is nothing. You want to avoid Greece’s financial meltdown, and make excuses for it.

    I’ve posted this many times. The Greek Reporter did an excellent commentary called “Governments Change, Greece Remains The Same”. One of the two best articles that address the Greek problem, I have read in any newspaper. You need to read it.

    You claim I hate Greeks. That is a flat out lie. The fact is, I have no respect for anyone, including Americans, that don’t take responsibility for their conduct, make excuses, blame others for their own bad decisions, and want free handouts, and don’t want to earn their income. That’s you.

    The Greek Reporter points it out. Irresponsible Greeks continue the regression cycle, by not facing the truth, and dealing with it, By re-electing the same people that are causing the problems, so nothing changes for the better.

    Until people like you wake up, and smell the coffee, Greece will continue it’s financial downward spiral. This loan money will not help anything. It will just postpone the inevitable, which is failure, and collapse of the Greek financial system. Not because of debt, which these stupid economist claim, but because Greece can not generate income, because it has no infrastructure.

  13. There isn’t enough tax authority employees to ferret out tax evasion. Only the big thieves are at risk and generally they have friends in high places often with well stuffed envelopes in their back pockets. This bizarre concept of tax reform and revenue from increased taxes was merely meant to appease the Creditors and buy time. Everyone knows this is a farce except of course taxpayers who are at risk by their politicians.

  14. Greece has more then enough officials, retrain some of them or hire knowledge somewhere else.
    I am sure there are enough acountants in Greece now beeing tax consultants in avoiding paying tax who will work for the gov. if they are well paid.
    Its more not wanting from the govs. side as we all know.
    Buying time…for what? To go on spending like before?

  15. doubtful

    tourism is already above last year’s levels even with the 1 week hiccup. all the islands and other locations are packed

  16. i lived south of 5th street in south beach. so yes I have lived in South Florida

    the beaches in Florida do not compare to any in Greece. Quality over Quantity not to mention Greece has more beaches than Florida as Greece has the 11th longest coast line in the world. so again not wrong here. Florida has a coastline of 1350 miles (crs method) and Greece has a coastline of 8500 miles. a quick google image of Greece beaches vs Florida Beaches blows it out of the water.

    I said the number of INTERNATIONAL tourists visiting Florida in 2014 was 15 million not total tourists. the 97 million number is for all of 2014 (who’s lying now? ) . learn how to read

    i didn’t’ lie about varoufakis. i gave you the links directly from the university of texas website and you never responded.

    “Greece has pigeons and chickens” just goes to show how ignorant you are and how little of Greece you have seen. Ever heard of the Kri-Kri.

    Greece is 90% mountains and has amazing skiing. Vail doesn’t even compare to Jackson Hole and Big Sky.

    The travel agencies are doing this to dispel the propoganda that you and the media are throwing out there. The propoganda hasn’t worked. See WSj article from today. this is ALREADY a record season in Greece and will be

    There is no doubt the US is beautiful but comparing it to Greece is an apples and oranges comparison. I don’t get what you’re getting at. Also why even live in Greece if you hate the country and the people so much and think trashy Florida is the greatest place on earth.

    you are the one that is making up garbage again and again. see varoufakis statements, your lie about Florida having 97 mln tourists in 6 months (it’s actually all of 2014 and most domestic), the UK being in Greece when it was liberated (not the US as you claimed then backtracked) and on and on

    so again, what’s your problem? called out again and all you can resort to is calling me a liar that spews garbage. take a look in the mirror

  17. ” It was 2008 when the recession bubble hit in Florida. You can’t get anything right, can you ?” real estate in America peaked between the summer of June 2005 and June 2006. every single chart shows that .

    I gave a range of years from beginning to end. your ability to comprehend things is not that great at all. 3 years is not short and if it wasn’t for the US Federal reserve printing 4 trillion and pumping another 30 trillion into the banking system w/ short term loans, grants, tarps, swaps, repo and whatever else, the system would have collapsed (rightfully so)

    Europe took the exact opposite approach as the US and goes to show that austerity does not work.

    “What does Florida’s economy have to do with Greece’s bankruptcy ?” you brought up Florida so you tell me?

    ” I have no respect for anyone, including Americans, that don’t take responsibility for their conduct”

    so then you don’t respect the german and french banks which lent the money then were bailed out completely using Greece as the pass thru vehicle as 92% of all the bailout loans never made it into Greece? they voluntarily as supposed sophisticated institutions lent Greece the $ and couldn’t stomach to take the losses.