Standard and Poor’s Upgrades Greece’s Long Term Rating

standard & poor'sRatings agency Standard and Poor’s upgraded Greece’s credit rating on Tuesday from CCC- to CCC+.

Though CCC+ is still a “junk” rating, Standard and Poor’s said that following the agreement reached with international creditors, Greece’s chance of exiting the Eurozone by 2018 are less than 50% and there is a stable outlook for the country.

However, the agency cautioned that the risk of a Grexit is still high, especially if Greece does not proceed to implement the deal that will presumably be finalized soon.


  1. This is just a Hoppla . I think Greece will leave EU with in 6 mo. this is just a attempt by the EU to provide Greece with orderly exit, that is all this is about, Germans do not want it Greeks do not want it most of EU do not want Greece in the Euro. and economy do not want it,

  2. How curiously coincidental of S&P issue such a absurd press release just before the Greek Parliament vote. This Ratings Yo-Yo game is a joke. No one has trust in anything issued by the three ratings agencies except the ignorant investor and the media. But is allows wiggle room for the spineless MPs to explain why they mortgaged away the future of our country.