Tsipras to SYRIZA Dissidents: Propose Alternatives and Don’t Hide Behind My Signature


In a meeting on Tuesday morning, Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras launched his most direct criticism yet against SYRIZA dissidents.

“Until today, I have been seeing reactions, I have been reading heroic statements but I have not been hearing any alternatives to the July 12 blackmail,” he reportedly said on those who are opposed to the agreement he made with international creditors, according to government sources.

On July 15, 38 SYRIZA MPs voted against a set of prior actions in the Greek Parliament. Since then, Tsipras reshuffled his cabinet.

“If some believe that the alternative left plan is the Schaeuble Plan, to take over the ECB bank notes stock, or to pay pensioners with IOUs instead of pensions, they should explain that to the Greek people. And should not hide behind my signature,” he allegedly added.

Tsipras recognized the deal is tough but said that following Wednesday’s second prior actions package vote in parliament, the Greek government needs to focus on negotiations to secure the best bailout program possible.

The Greek Prime Minister said his administration needs to focus in four key areas. Combat corruption, promote necessary reforms, implement policies to help weaker social groups and attract investors to Greece.

Tsipras noted that following the conclusion of the negotiations, the government will have to review its performance in order to form an appropriate strategy and he called on his party to respond to the people who rely on it. He concluded that in September the government will have to redefine its policy based on the new reality.


  1. Alexis you were elected to lead not take suggestions from the gallery. Anything that is offered by anyone is for all intents is superfluous in the eyes of the creditors. It’s time to STOP playing these stupid childish games. For God’s sake you are the PM and you act like a spoiled brat before the world.

    Has Betty and the kids started packing?

  2. The alternative Mr Tsipras is asking for is simple. Make the appropriate arrangements to leave the Euro and the EU. He doesn’t need to privatise assets either, he can use those assets as income streams to help settle the long term obligations of the bailouts. The fast money he will receive in selling assets does not even pay off any bills that would be notable. Greece is poor, but its about to get ransacked thanks to Tsipras not following through on the NO vote of the referendum. He has excuses for that, however, he should have walked out of the negotiations, be a real man, and sort his country out in a sovereign way without the need for bad partnerships to survive. The Greeks know the German tactics are vile, and quite frankly would have accepted payment from the government for pensions in the form of even IOUs as a means to an end to get out of this financial rape. Tsipras is either deaf and cant hear the people, or has no balls. I don’t like him, unless he pulls a rabbit out of the hat and actually surprises everybody by doing something positive for Greece and the Greek people.

  3. I have an alternative: #OXI #OXIBankDictatorship #OXIBankWelfare #OXIInvestmentSavingsBanks #OXIDebtSlavery #ThisIsACoup



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