European Commission President: Fear Made Agreement With Greece Possible

Jean-Claude JunckerIn an interview with the Belgian newspaper Le Soir that was published on Wednesday, European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker appeared concerned over the state of the European project.

Juncker argued that Greece should not feel humiliated with the outcome of the Brussels negotiations of July 13 because the European Commission did what it could to normalize the situation.

“It is fear that made the deal possible,” he said and added “After fear came relief.”

The president also noted that the Greek people have been living in fear for the past few years.

Juncker expressed his worry over the unity of Europe. Issues like migration, and the disagreements that have arisen on the matter, demonstrate the lack of solidarity within the continent.

“Europeans do not like Europe” the European Commission President said and added that European integration has become an “elitist” project as opposed to a popularly supported project in the past.