Greek Foreign Minister Speaks About The Importance of Greek Diaspora

Nikos KotziasGreek Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias addressed the 10th World Panhellenic Inter-Parliamentary Association (WHIA) convention on Tuesday, where he discussed the role of the Greek Diaspora in Greece’s well-being.

The WHIA is staffed by people of the Greek Diaspora who are elected legislature members in non-Greek speaking countries.

“Without the Diaspora, we are a handicapped state. Without our state, you are no longer a Diaspora with the potential of identity,” Kotzias told the convention attendees.

Kotzias emphasized the significance of the Greek Diaspora politicians during this testing time for Greece, as there are ongoing disputes in foreign nations about Greece, on a political and social level.

Greece, according to the Foreign Minister, is a stable country in an unstable region and is therefore important in the realm of global affairs.

He described Greece’s foreign policy as “a foreign policy that tries to prevent and overthrow inactivities, a democratic foreign policy that belongs to the democratic community of nations, that serves safety, stability and wants to give and contribute to the potential of the spiritual, cultural and financial wealth of the Greek people,” he said.