Greek Justice Minister: I Partly Disagree with Changes in the Code of Civil Procedure

paraskevopoulosGreek Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos admitted that he partly disagrees with some of the changes in the Code of Civil Procedure that he is calling the Greek Parliament to vote in favor of today.

Paraskevopoulos addressed the Parliamentary Committees assessing the set of prior actions that will be voted on in parliament later in the evening. One of these prior actions are changes in Greece’s Code of Civil Procedure.

“I am faced with two evils. I am obliged for the Greek people to sponsor the lesser [evil] of the two. For me, it is a lesser evil to have problematic adjustments to the Code of Civil Procedure, which I myself believe to be bad, than to have the following day people with lower pensions, people with lower wages and even have unemployed with no welfare state,” he said, adding that the alternative would be an abrupt bankruptcy.

Paraskevopoulos noted that the institutions demanded changes in the Code of Civil Procedure as a prior action for the completion of the 86-billion-euro bailout deal.

“Today we have found ourselves having to legislate a prior action, with which we, partly at least, disagree. In terms of quantity, we agree for the most part and disagree for the least part. However, in terms of quality, the weight is reversed. And the disagreements are strong,” he said.

Paraskevopoulos added that the Greek side had submitted its own proposals for changes to the Code of Civil Procedure, which the institutions did not review, arguing there was no time.

The Greek Justice Minister said that there is a potential for renegotiation on the Code of Civil Procedure because lack of time and not necessarily dissatisfaction with the Greek proposals was the reason for the institutions’ dismissal.