New Democracy Leader Facing Two-Sided Pressure Over Party’s Future Leadership

meimarakisNew Democracy interim leader Evangelos Meimarakis is likely to organize party elections on August 30, 2015. This decision, however, could be facing opposition from within the party.

Meimarakis has taken over the reigns in New Democracy after Antonis Samaras stepped down following the July 5 referendum. Since then, the question of the next party leader had been mostly set aside -at least publicly- in favor of focusing on the bailout deal the Greek government is trying to finalize.

According to reports, Meimarakis plans to announce party elections on August 30.

However, Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” reported that New Democracy officials and members, as well as affiliated organizations such as ONNED, the New Democracy Youth Organization, will mobilize to prevent Meimarakis from calling the elections and will instead urge him to keep his position as interim leader for a longer time.

Party members who support holding elections include high-ranking MPs like Makis Voridis, Adonis Georgiadis and Kiriakos Mitsotakis.

On the other hand, among those who want Meimarakis to lead for a longer time are MPs Nikos Dendias and Evripidis Stylianidis.


  1. The best leader we had, Samaras, retired because around half our population are incompetent far leftist extremists that supported Marxist basket case Tsipiras.

  2. Antonis Samaras proposed forming a New Democracy-SYRIZA coalition government.
    In 2013 Antonis Samaras announced plans to grant illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections!!! To WATCH Samaras making this announcement search You Tube for: “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”

    Antonis Samaras is a thug, when his son was caught cheating in an exam, the teacher who caught him was fired from a job that she had dedicated 21 years of her life to. The President of the College where the son of Greek PM Samaras was caught cheating is Antonis Samaras’ brother Alexander Samaras.

  3. Antonis Samaras is a criminal who at every turn resorted to illegal and unconstitutional practices to prolong his stay in power but to no avail as he is now on the scrapheap of Greek political history. 

    The Greek news website ‘parapolitika . gr’ released the full length video of ANEL MP Chaikalis and Apostolopoulos discussing IN THE PRIME MINISTER’S OFFICE. During the video, Apostolopoulos clearly makes references to the sum of 700,000 euros, as well as the Presidential election. He told Chaikalis that he would be able to give him the money in cash but not the next day. “I will bring it to your feet,” he stated and then went on to say that he would launder the money in a bank account in Switzerland and then turn it into gold bars, after February when the situation in Greece would be calmer.