SYRIZA Left Platform Attacks Tsipras, Party Split ‘Unavoidable’

τσίπρας_βαρουφάκης_λαφαζάνης-610x380SYRIZA’s left platform attacked Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras for not having a Plan B and succumbing to creditors’ demands to sign a deal that goes against party policy.

With several SYRIZA MPs stating that they will vote against the second set of reforms on Wednesday, cohesion within the party is a thing of the past. “There are two views within SYRIZA, possibly a divorce is unavoidable, but there should be dialogue first,” government spokesperson Olga Gerovasili said on Alpha radio.

At the same time, Deputy Citizens Protection Minister Yiannis Panousis said on Vima radio that with 40 dissidents within SYRIZA, there are two different parties with opposing views. Adding junior coalition partner ANEL, there are three parties that govern, Panousis said.

Meanwhile, Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopoulos who brought to parliament the new Civil Procedure Code to be voted as a bailout prerequisite, stated that he is against it but he is forced to vote for it otherwise Greece will go bankrupt.

Through an article in, the left platform’s website, the party dissidents accuse the prime minister and call him to take back his statements about purging those within SYRIZA who refuse to vote for the new bailout reforms. That, they say, means splitting the party in two.

The article says that the prime minister should have nationalized Greek banks immediately after coming to power and default on all loan payments before starting negotiations with creditors. Instead, the text says, Tsipras chose to repay the loans, thereby emptying state coffers without receiving any further financial aid. That brought the country to a dire position on July 12 and the prime minister surrendered to the blackmailing creditors.

Implying Panagiotis Lafazanis, Yanis Varoufakis and Zoe Konstantopoulou, the prime minister stated on Tuesday that those who oppose him “should not be hiding behind his own signature” and accused them for not having any alternatives to propose.


  1. Aren’t these the guys saying that syriza had a plan b. Maybe I was right in saying plan b – b for βλακεία

  2. Panagiotis Lafazanis, Yanis Varoufakis and Zoe Konstantopoulou are the only true Greeks.
    Dignity , pride and humanity matters more than any currency , let alone the Deutche Euro!
    The Germans should first pay back what they owe from the massacres of ww2 , war reparations , and the occupation forced loan and then we ll see who owes to whom!
    As for France and particularly those tourists that recently visited Rhodes and thought its their right to go in the museum without paying the ticket “because Greece owes France” , I d like to ask them , how much should we charge them for the Greek artifacts of antiquity that they hold and display in their museums in France..?
    The English too ! How much shall we charge the English for the Parthenon marbles that they display in the British museum!
    I think if u put it all down , Greece would be the richest country in the EU !!!
    So lets have some prespective here “mr Finland and mr Slovakia” ..think before you talk and slug off Greece , for god’s shake we discovered Democracy 2500 years ago…where were you 2500 years ago!
    Show some respect , cause you are only embarassing your selfs all of you northern Europe!

  3. Actually, as you claim to be a Greek, you should have a better understanding of our own history than you exhibit here, no ?

    Why no mention of the right wing’s fault in any of this ? Did not the foolishness of Karamanlis and the small percentage of Greece’s Elite play a far greater role in creating this absurdity than anyone else you mention ?

  4. I disagree. It will still come to pass that Greece will exit.

    You say with the return of the Drach would come a loss of dignity.

    I am not sure it is very dignified to be privatizing Greece’s remaining public assets. Is selling off all of Greece’s public infrastructure to the Dutch, germans, Belgians, and Austrians “dignified” ? Is forcing pensioners to pay more for everyday goods while again cutting their monthly incomes…’dignified’ ?

    When the country becomes nothing but the beach annex of Northern Europe….how dignified would Greeks feel, then ?

    The cost of staying in the Eurozone will still prove to be too much for the country to handle.

  5. Tsipras deserves every bit of flak he is getting from his party-mates. And to threaten them with expulsion is a joke, as the respect he once had within his party is now lost.

    I agree with Nikolaos, below, regarding Syriza. The cost of keeping in the Eurozone is incredibly steep and will cause incredible pain and suffering to the Greek populace. That Tsipras would have just sold out so completely is still baffling.

    Even IF there is a debt restructuring…the cost of this sellout is still way too high.

    And I salute Lafaranzis and Varoufakis. And I do hope that, as soon as possible, Syriza does the obvious thing which needs to be done here, and splits in two.

    Perhaps then builds associations with To Kinima to rebuild the true Greek Progressive movement.

    Because it is quite clear that, like their PM, the majority of Syriza MP’s are more than willing to sell out their beliefs and platform – and adopt the policies of Nea Dimokratica, and act just like rightists…. just to stay in power (for a little while longer).

  6. What do you think will happen with the drachma? All the above and worse . Try buying medicines with a devaluing drachma


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