Manu Chao’s Message to the Greek People

manu-chao-708Spanish singer Manu Chao performed in Greece at the Terra Vibe stage in Malakasa on July 21, in front of thousands of people who attended the concert, despite the difficulties that the country is facing at the moment.

The famous singer performed at the Rockwave summer music festival, celebrating its 20-year anniversary. While on stage, Manu Chao presented a Greek flag where he had written “Freedom! No to fear! Manu” with a red marker.

He also welcomed his 30,000 fans who arrived in Malakasa for his concert, saying “Good evening Athens” in Greek.

The concert, as well as the Rockwave Festival came to an end, with Manu Chao saying farewell to his Greek friends. “Thank you Greece for the courage that you show,” he said.