Meimarakis Remains New Democracy Leader

Vangelis MeimarakisEvangelos Meimarakis has caused great impressions amongst New Democracy officials as interim President, leading them to deny his proposal for a new inter-party presidential election on August 30.

New Democracy party members decided to follow the statutory procedure that requires the President’s election by society, something that happened again in November 2009.

According to the party’s charter, those who will be registered as party members, even just before the procedure, will have the right to vote. The party’s Political Committee will meet on Friday to ratify the decision.

“Historically, New Democracy loyally serves the national interest. This period of time, the key is to ensure the country’s European course. In this context, the unofficial Political Council and Executive Secretariat unanimously expressed their full confidence in the face of interim President Evangelos Meimarakis and decided not to conduct new party elections until the spring of 2016, taking into account the current political, social and economic situation of the country,” sources close to New Democracy noted.

Meanwhile, at least 40 New Democracy members, in reaction to the possibility of inter-party election in August, had already signed a paper which called for Meimarakis’ stay in the party presidency after the summer of 2015.



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