New Wave of Syrian Refugees in Greek Islands


Eighty-seven refugees, mainly of Syrian origin, disembarked on the Greek island of Amorgos on Thursday morning.

After local authorities were informed about the presence of illegal immigrants on the island, they quickly rushed to provide their assistance.

Among the immigrants were several children, as well as four Afghans.

According to Amorgos Mayor Nikos Fostieris, the refugees are temporarily hosted in Amorgos’ High School until their relocation to the island of Naxos tomorrow morning.

Naxos Mayor Manolis Margaritis has already been informed about the situation and now works in close cooperation with local authorities on the coordination of the shelters that will accommodate the immigrants during their stay in Naxos.


  1. Thanks again SYRIZA, for transforming Omonoia square into an open air refugee camp. SYRIZA wants open borders, they even wanted to tear down the wall Samaras built at the border with Turkey.

  2. In 2013 Antonis Samaras announced plans to grant illegal immigrants and their children the right to vote in Greek elections!!! To WATCH Samaras making this announcement search You Tube for: “Ο Σαμαράς δίνει ψήφο στους λαθρομετανάστες”

    Between August 2012 and June 2013 – the most recent period for which government statistics are available – Antonis Samaras’ grand operation to rid Greece of illegal immigrants, “Operation Xenios Zeus” resulted in the arrest of ONLY 6,910 illegal immigrants!

    I’m not sure if that tiny number, 6,910 was even deported in its entirety, but even if it was, what is 6,910 out of the unknown millions of illegal immigrants residing in Greece?

  3. In May 2007, Prokopis Pavlopoulos, whilst serving as Minister of the Interior, invited all illegal immigrants to Greece and literally thanked them for choosing to come to Greece!

    Search You Tube for: “Prokopis Pavlopoulos: I thank the illegal immigrants”

    Prokopis Pavlopoulos is a New Democracy MP, and serves on the Central Committee of New Democracy.
    On 18 February 2015, backed by SYRIZA, ANEL and his own New Democracy party, Prokopis Pavlopoulos was elected by the Greek Parliament as the new President of Greece.

  4. The Turkish government facilitates the arrival of illegal 3rd world immigrants to Greece, in line with the “Ozal doctrine”, initiated by former Turkish Prime Minister, Turgut Özal who stated that:

    “We do not need to make war with Greece. We just need to send them a few millions illegal immigrants from Turkey and finish with them.”

  5. so as per the photo, illegal immigrants are receiving free medical care while greeks get virtually nothing? thank you Tsipras, the lying moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! build a mosque in athens and hopefully people will attack this friekin traitor