New Greek Poll Shows SYRIZA in the Lead – ANEL Out of Parliament

opinion_pollA new public opinion poll produced results that would reshape the Greek Parliament in the next elections.

According to the poll, if elections were to be held next Sunday, the ruling SYRIZA party would still be leading with 33.6% of the vote ahead of New Democracy that follows with 17.8%.

However, SYRIZA’s junior coalition partner Independent Greeks (ANEL) would not be in the next parliament, according to the poll. The party would get just 2.8% of the vote, therefore falling short of the 3% mark, which is the minimum for entry in the Greek Parliament.

The Centrists’ Union, under long-time leader Vasilis Leventis, would sit in parliament for the first time with a 3.3% vote.

“To Potami” would be the third biggest party with 6.1% of the vote, followed by Golden Dawn with 5.3% and the Greek Communist Party (KKE) with 4.2%. According to the poll, PASOK, which was part of the last Greek government, would barely make the cut with 3.6% of the vote.

61% of respondents approved Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras‘ performance thus far. 36% found that Tsipras has not done well during the first six months of his term. In February, just 15% of respondents had a negative assessment of the Prime Minister.

Although 78% said they want to remain in the Eurozone and 63% believe that Tsipras was right to make a bailout deal with international creditors, 83% believe that the deal does not reflect the “No” vote result of the July 5 referendum.

Furthermore, 35% were satisfied with the new Greek cabinet, while 34% found it worse than the previous one and 16% thought there is no difference between the two.


  1. Wow. So after leaving them worse off then they would have been with the original deal, Greeks would still re-elect this government?

    They truly deserve their fate.

  2. I suppose if Metaxa had polls a majority of Greeks would have sided with Mussolini to occupy Greece rather than fight. This is pure Euro-statist trash. The obvious revealing data is most Greeks prefer the Euro to the Drachma and bank stability. These polls exist in the world of nebulous perceptions. If questions were presented, would Greeks prefer another six years of austerity and watch their children leave or remain their dependents under austerity the numbers would be much different. Everyone want stability the question is how and now who. Certainly not the creditors under the current no haircut mentality. So in about 36 months we’ll revisit this issue and see what has changed for the better.

  3. This poll was conducted by Metron analysis. I would take polling results from pollsters like Metron analysis with a grain of salt, I think the history of their gross inaccuracy suggests that the polls are heavily doctored to mislead the electorate as to what the real public mood is.

    Remember, all major polling organizations in Greece were predicting a resounding YES vote for the July 5th referendum and in the end 61% voted NO. Indeed on July 2, Metron analysis released a poll saying 49% of Greeks would vote YES, and 46% NO, so these fraudsters shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  4. Metron analysis polls are heavily doctored. In the leadup to the January 2015 National Elections, all major polling organizations in Greece, including Metron analysis were predicting that To Potami would come 3rd, & Golden Dawn would be 4th or even 5th, however when the elections took place GD came 3rd and To Potami came 4th.

    A poll conducted by Metron analysis between January 19 -23 gave GD 6% and To Potami 7% , another Metron analysis poll for the period 19 – 21 January gave GD 5.4% and To Potami 7.2% , but when elections were held on January 25, GD scored 6.3% and To Potami took 6.1%

    Yesterday I saw a poll conducted by the Left leaning news agency Zougla . gr, and I found the results to be quite interesting. The Zougla Poll taken over 17 – 23 July – gave GD 11.6% whilst SYRIZA scored 28.6% , what is significant is that a mere 3 weeks earlier, a Zougla poll conducted over 1 – 2 July, showed GD at a low 5.4% whilst SYRIZA was at a high 35.2%

    This makes sense as SYRIZA ratings have plunged since Tsipras undertook perhaps the biggest summersault, and betrayal of voters in Greek political history.

  5. 61% of respondents approved Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras‘ performance thus far? LOL!!!! Metron analysis is getting more and more ridiculous with every sham poll that they release! Is this 61% of Greeks that support Tsipras’ performance the same 61% that voted NO on July 5, who Tsipras then went ahead and betrayed? Shame on you Metron analysis! The media oligarchy in Greece shamelessly lies to promote their interests which are tied to the success of pro-bailout memorandum parties like SYRIZA, ND & To Potami.

  6. I agree – what gets me is the insane immigration policy Syriza is adopting – with about 200-300,000 mostly arab and african illegals arriving under Syriza, by the time the next election rolls around, greece will be approximately 20-30% african and muslim (with the one’s already here). A balkanised country – Tsipras does not deport unlike previous governments, he gives them papers, free medicine and food, in the meantime pensioners and greece’s poor suffer. The policy Syriza have adopted is truly insane

  7. I am truly saddened that

    1/ the Greeks have to suffer the inept German led austerity program which is basically populism

    2/ that the Europeans failed to ratify the Constitution back in 2004 which would have granted more power to a democratic union instead of the current sum of governmental representations (European Council)


  8. I wouldnt trust this poll. This poll has been very “biased” in other polling. Im not saying this because i support GD but lets be honest here SYRIZA is no where near that support

  9. Take your point, and you are correct about the inaccuracies of Metron which are too great to really suggest they are reliable, certainly in the detail. However, generally all the polls (if you check wiki on’ opinion polling for the next Greek election’) seem to bear out a slight rise (slight) for Potami and a slight drop for GD. ANEL though I suggest would survive quite comfortably according to most polls. However, all polling probably underplays GD (as it did on the elections in January) for surely the simple reason that the party has been so demonised that those responding fear saying they will vote for them.

  10. It does appear almost entirely illogical, specially that penultimate paragraph in the story, but surely it demonstrates that voters really do not understand how the system works. Desiring to keep the euro but not understanding what goes with it (austerity, ill-suited one-size-fits-all policies and ever greater loss of democracy) appears to have wrong-footed the Greek government. Picking a fight but saying you will keep the euro at all costs means precisely that – you will pay the greatest price in the ensuing disaster, as you are dragooned into line.

  11. That’s like suggesting that because Obama was elected int the US, with a far greater percentage of the vote than Syriza,… Republicans are to blame.

  12. Polls are only as good as the sample size and location arguing about them is a waste of time the only poll that counts is the election

  13. 61% of the Greek electorate voted NO to a new memorandum on July 5, & SYRIZA was elected in an overwhelming victory in January based on their anti-Troika rhetoric, & Tsipras’ promise to rip up the earlier Samaras-Troika memorandum. Given the above facts I can’t see why To Potami would rise when they are even more pro-memorandum than ND, PASOK, ANEL & SYRIZA. Also, in the leadup to the January 25, 2015 National elections, every single major polling organization in Greece was showing To Potami in 3rd place, whilst showing GD in 4th, 5th or 6th place, but when elections were actually held GD came 3rd and To Potami 4th.

    61% is a huge number for the NO camp. If even 1 in 10 of these 61% who feel angered by Tsipras betrayal switch their support to GD, that will take GD to 12% and I am confident that as the pain of Tsipras betrayal in the form of new austerity measures and the realization that the status quo of Greece being a Troika debt colony is here to stay for decades more, it will be far more than 1 in 10 that make the move to GD.

  14. The only poll you can really trust is the last one on election day. Every other poses questions for a predetermined outcome skewed to the desired results of the poll’s sponsor. Last referendum was polled to be 50:50 Yes/No. The vote result was roughly 61 to 39 percent. Polls are for the media and naïve uninformed voters who because of atrophy of the brain need someone to decide for them.

  15. “A poll conducted by Metron analysis between January 19 -23 gave GD 6%……but when elections were held on January 25, GD scored 6.3%”

    so their poll on January 19-23 was correct re GD?

    all polls are stupid and you have posted zougla polls before to say GD was going to Get 20% of the vote. how’d that turn out?


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