German Media: SYRIZA Members Worked on Drachma ‘Coup’ Since May 2014

draxmh1Greece’s former Energy and Finance Ministers worked secretly on schemes to return to the drachma, according to two German media.

Spiegel Online featured an article about the reactions of Greek opposition parties to the alleged scheme by former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis for a return to the drachma.

At the same time, popular tabloid Bild had a report entitled “What did Alexis Tsipras know about the drachma coup?”

According to Bild, claiming extensive investigative reporting, the Grexit plan was formulated by former Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis, leader of SYRIZA’s Left Platform of communist extremists. Lafazanis, along with four top SYRIZA members, had started working on the plan in May 2014 in collaboration with the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies.

Varoufakis said that the plan was greenlit by Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras a month before the January elections that brought SYRIZA to power, the report said. Greece was to get a loan from Russia to materialize the plan. However, the night of July 6, Kremlin withdrew its support. As a consequence, Varoufakis was forced to resign the same night.

Spiegel Online had reported on a Varoufakis Grexit plan 11 days before the former Minister admitted he had a Plan B for a parallel, secret banking system and a new national currency.

The Greek government has denied all allegations that the Prime Minister knew about schemes for return to the drachma. Deputy Finance Minister Dimitris Mardas said on Greek TV that such discussions never took place within the government.


  1. So what good is a parallel currency, when your treasury is bankrupt, and there is nothing to back your new currency, other than hollow promises ? LOL, LOL, LOL. What a bunch of morons. No wonder Greece is in the shape it’s in.

    Varoufakis is actually considered a professor to teach in a Greek university ? If that is the case his students should ask for their money back, because they don’t any dumber than Varoufakis.

  2. The currency in Greece under such circumstances will be a mixed bag of UK Pounds, US Dollars, Euros and Drachmas. This is basically how it was in Greece before the Euro. The worst think that could be done to Varoufakis is take away the reporters because then he would have to think before he speaks, instead of speak before he thinks.

  3. What’s good for the goose……the creditors the troika and
    all involved with reducing Greece to nothing more than a colony worked behind
    closed doors devising their blackmail tactics to enforce the ludicrous and
    failed continuation of austerity. They had NO interest in Varoufakis’s plans to
    lead Greece out of poverty and into a repayment situation.

    Varoufakis a democratically elected Greek people
    representative also worked behind closed doors – the difference? He worked in
    the interest of the Greek people the Institutions worked AGAINST

    Who are the criminals ??????


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