Greek Doctors and Nurses Looking for Jobs Abroad

doctorThe Athens Medical Association (ISA) warned about major shortages in medical staff over the next years, since an increasing number of Greek doctors, especially those working in highly specialized fields, and nurses are looking for jobs abroad and leaving the country.

According to the association’s figures, more than 7,500 doctors have migrated to other countries since 2010. It was reported that in the first six months of 2015, ISA issued 790 certificates of competence, an official document required for medical sector employees who wish to work abroad. However, the report also noted that up until 2009, on average, 550 doctor were taking jobs abroad each year.

One of the biggest losses in the crisis has been that of great minds,” ISA chief Giorgos Patoulis stated to Greek newspaper Kathimerini. “In a short time, the national healthcare system will have an aged personnel and will be unable to staff services.”

Furthermore, the data showed that a total of 8,000 unemployed Greeks have been forced to look for job opportunities abroad. The Greek Nurses Union announced that it issued 349 certificates just last year, 357 in 2012 and 74 certificates in 2010.


  1. It is very difficult to practice medicine, pay your bills and have a life. The arrival of tens of thousands of “Migrant-Refugees” is forcing Greek doctors to learn to speak Arabic and Pakistani dialects of Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi and Balochi. Of course they still won’t be paid and will remain the focus of taxing authorities investigations and income redistribution morons. If doctors want to continue to practice in the “NEW” Greece they must become multi-lingual, but the smart leave the country so their bank accounts will not be frozen/seized to find a better job and quality of life elsewhere.